Who is Satan To The Jews

Below one can understand what Satan is to the enemy. This is from the book Kol Hator one of the most famous jewish books and one of the most infamous rabbinical books. This is the "6th rule" that every jew must follow, to wage the war against Amalek. Notice the number 6 is the blueprint for the waging of war against Amalek. Part of which is why 6 gorillions were used as a number to incite lies on the holohoax and many other pertinent lies.

6. Waging war against Amalek.

The war against Amalek is from generation to generation. The war against Amalek is against three types of foes: a).
Amalek of the heart, that is, the evil inclination and vices;

[My note above we can see they have associated this name with any force or energy that is negative and acts against the jews internally, and as such they later claimed this name is the source of all evil in existence. Everything that keeps them and prevents them from fullfilling their messianic purpose is called "Satan" energy wise]

b). the spirit of Amalek, the general one, the Satan who destroys, the adversary of Israel. This is Samael and his hosts. His main power is in the gates of Jerusalem, when its lands are desolate;

[My note here we can see they recognize Satan and his "Hosts" as a spiritual enemy, who has literal existence and is a commander of legions. As Rabbi Ariel Tzadok admits all of this is a cover up for the ET connections and how the so called "Angels" and "Demons" are all ET lifeforms.]

c). the material Amalek, that comprises Esau and Ismael and the mixed multitude. As explained by the Gaon: we are commanded to inherit it [the land] by force.

[My note Esau is a code word of White people, while Ismael and the mixed multitude is actually the Arabs and other races of the world which act against the jews. The enemy writes there they will steal their land by force as well.]

From the same book:

The purpose of gathering in the exiles is to wage God’s war against Amalek, which was the main mission of Joshua, in line with Mashiach ben Yosef. The war against Amalek includes every aspect, against all the enemies of Israel, including Armilus, the prince of the mixed multitude. It is also intended to remove the spirit of impurity from the Land, and to bring " Knesset Israel and Shechina from below, from the earth.

From another place in the same book they admit that the problem on why the "Higher Israel" (what the jews imagine) vs "The lower Israel" is not yet constructed, are the forces of "Amalek". In other words if you are not cattle in a jewish farm now, it's thank to the Pagan Gods.

The jews write about exiles because they believe they have been exiled from Israel, and here they admit, they self-exiled themselves to destroy Amalek, aka the Gentile Nations, from within, as part of the Messianic Plan. They also admit here that Meshiach ben Yosef (Rabbi Yeshua/Christ as Rabbi Kaduri Admitted) is the one to wage war on all fronts with the Gentiles. Which is their ultimate objective.

The obstacle to such things happening is the "Satan", who prevents all of jewish plans and thwarts all jewish attempts to world domination. In other words whomever is a jew hater is actually a "Satanist" in one way or another. At least the jews would see them that way. And would want the fate they want for Satan as well, to exterminate them, as they see Gentiles as his seed. Which is true in itself as well.

As to who is Satan really, and irrespective of the admittance of the jewish agenda of fighting against this entity:

By High Priest Hooded Cobra 666