Kabbalah Exposed
Updates 12 April 2020

One of the contributors in this website has been revealed to be with the enemy. This is not new for us, as the enemy is highly aware of the value of infiltration and subversion. Quite a few of their writings are not sourced, yet, they reflect jewish knowledge about this subject.

In this case, after the unfolding of related events, they revealed that they were unusually aware of all the subjects relating to Judaism, Jews, and workings of the enemy. They revealed facts in these arguments, before they decided it was time to finally betray the Joy of Satan.

In the case of them saying too much here, it was necessary to gain trust. The moment trust was revoked, they went against all these 'primary statements' from this site.

Examples of this, are jews like the racial jew who revealed that there were no gas chambers. This, they thought, would gain control of the historic interpretation opposition community of the Gentiles.

Their reversal of claims after this fact reveals a lot. Except of the obvious fact that jews will betray their own to infiltrate their enemies, in some of these writings connected to this infiltration, is revealed the enemy is not only aware of the power of the Reverse Torah Rituals, but they are aware these contribute to the destruction of their jewish magick, hexes and curses on Gentiles.

They in fact did not believe they would be THAT effective. The Rituals have been destroying them, and their incapacity to manifest magick and do anything spiritually, is manifesting more and more. Due to the Gods and systematic efforts by skilled Satanic magicians, the Rituals have been effectively in unmasking, destroying, and corrupting the agenda of the enemy and their agenda.

Jews are aware and as this enemy's claims, are well founded. Jews have prophecies, knowledge, and above all fear that the "Gentiles" will figure out how to take their magical system down, "Reverse the Torah", and effectively, destroy jewish religious and spiritual power permanently.

Lastly, the site will undergo checking and sourcing research, because the associated writer and their standing shows that jews would also not hesitate to lie or potentially copy information without giving credit to original writers or owners of this information. Anything of this nature that is discovered will be flushed out.

Below are the links to the Reverse Torah Rituals: