The Disgusting Truth Ritual Murder Is The Core Of Judaism And Christianity

In Judaism the main rituals on the Jewish holiest of days Yom Kippur are based on ritual murder of animals as blood offerings. This is done to raise and direct energy as a form of black magic:

"One can deflect a detrimental condition, or event by transferring it to a substitute object or entity. This is the logic behind folk beliefs about offering sacrifices, but the Yom Kippur scapegoat offering. Another prime example in Jewish lore of a substitution ritual is kapparah, in which one ritually transfers one sins to a bird, slaughters the bird.".....[1]

One can note from Jewish kabala text on ritual magic along with the names of numerous Hebrew mantra's or divine names one of the practices is:

"Animal sacrifices, and even the consumption of blood from ritually impure animals."[2]

Note in the descriptions of the bodies of Gentile children that where found ritually murdered by the Jews it was noted the wounds on their bodies mimicked the crucifixion of Christ including in the case of William of Norwich the marks on the head where they inserted the crown of thorns. The holiest ritual of the Christian religion is communion where the Christians stand in front of an image of a ritually murdered man on a cross and then eat his flesh and drink his blood. The Jews created Christianity to tie the Gentiles into their occult control and energy matrix of YHWH. The Christian communion is a form of sympatric magic ritual that ties into the Jewish ritual murder which is the other side of the communion ritual:

"sympathetic magic is based on the metaphysical belief that divine forces are clothed in ordinary things and like affects like; that there are analogies to be made between symbolic acts and real events and that if things can be mentally associated, they can magically influence each other."....[3]

The Jews drink the blood of the victim and eat the flesh of the victim. Gentiles are called animals in Judaism and ANIMAL SACRIFICE AND BLOOD DRINKING IS PART OF THE JEWISH OCCULT RITUAL. Note many Jews have been recorded as having strange aliments only found in one other place on earth..... In New Guinea among the cannibal tribes. The aliments they get from drinking human blood and eating human flesh. Its obvious as to why the Jews are the only other people to have this. Judaism believes that certain foods like meat gives them the energy or sparks of the soul of the animal.

The disgusting Jewish movie "Sin City" directed by an obvious Jew, showed a character played by another Jewish actor cannibalizing women and this gives him superhuman like power from the sparks or special energy of the victims. I wonder where the Jews might have gotten that ideal. They put this in the movies as form of sympathetic magic as well.

The Christian Ritual of communion is designed as sympathetic magic to the Jewish blood ritual that both connect in the astral and empower the energy matrix the Jews call their God. Who demands blood sacrifice as the highest offering in the Torah. In the Torah Jews are given five animals they are to sacrifice to Yahweh. Cattle is one of them......The Jews call Gentiles goyim which mean CATTLE....


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