Why The Shema Prayer Of The Jews Is Death And Destruction For Gentiles

The letter Shin is the name of "god" in Hebrew its the Ha Shem is in Hebrew: The Shin. This is where the name Shema comes from and why its one of the most important names of YHVH the Jewish Race in the Torah.

In the Jewish Kabala which is the decoded Torah. Moses defeats the forces of Amalek by holding his hands above his head making the symbol of the Shin letter. Which is relating to one thing in Judaism. The Tefillin the black box the Jews wear on their head that contains the Shema prayer. That they wear while praying the Shema prayer.

The secret symbol of the Shin letter in Kabala is the main Shin with the three prongs which represents the upper world of the Kabala tree the left side of the brain, Binah, the right side of the brain Chokhmah and the crown and optic thalamus, Keter. But there is another Shin with four prongs inverted and interlocking within this facing downwards towards the three prongs. Making the occult Shin this is the "Second Shin" of the mysterious 23 letter in Kabala. The four prongs stand for YHVH.

In Judaism the Shema prayer is what the Rabbi's state is what will bring about the Messiah the Jewish world kingdom in which the Gentiles which also means "Nation" which actually means races of mankind. Will be destroyed by the Jewish race and the world turned into a Jewish one only. This is why the Shin letter in Judaism is the symbol of their "god" destroying the different Gentile nations in the Torah. Each Jew is supposed to get 2800 Gentiles as slaves if one does the math on the 144,000 number which represents the 12 tribes of Israel in revelation who follow the Jewish Messiah in destroying the nations of the world. Which literally means Gentiles of the world. 2800 worked out to 144,000 adds to around 403 million a number relating to the Georgia Guidestones which demands the population be kept at under 500 million. This mysterious monument was put out by one of the Jewish run Masonic organizations which is a Kabbalistic Society. Note this monument ties into the Jewish Bible.

The final fact the Shema prayer which is the most important statement of faith in Judaism is for destroying the Gentiles to bring about the end of the Gentile word is simple. Amalek in Hebrew is the occult word for Satan. The Jews call the Gentiles "Satan" in their sacred texts. However Amalek refers especially to the WHITE RACE as the actual direct descendants of Satan. The God ENKI whom the Sumerians also called Satan was stated to be the creator of the "Ari" whom He created in his own image. Ari is the name "Aryan" the Sumerians are known to have been White with blue eyes. However the Jews do hold the other races to be related to Satan as well.

The Shema the three prongs as mentioned relate to the three worlds which form the brain in Kabala the seat of consciouness. However the other four prongs relate to the "YHVH" as the thought form they have created which is the Jewish Bible which they use the Shema to bring down to the material realm thought the astral and connect and channel this thought their own consciouness the individual Jewish mind connected to the greater mind or program of this thought form allowing the individual Jew to become a conduit for this power to manifest. This is also relating to bringing this down from Keter the realm of "god" that of the astral or ether where this energy is generated to Malkuth which is the physical realm which means "The Kingdom" which is the Kingdom of the Jews they want to built on earth. The Tefillin is the symbol of Malkuth.

The three prongs of the Shin relate to Avir the Ether, Shekinah the vibration created by speaking the Torah and the Elohim which is the manifestation of this vibration the consciousness field it generates in the astral.

The Shema is how this is materalized into the physical realm the Malkuth hence the four prongs as well. YHVH relates to the four elements of creation that form the symbol of earth the cube of square. The YHVH is also the symbol of the Torah. The Shema materializes the entire spell of the Torah. The 23rd letter of the second Shin 2+3=5 the five elements Sh is fire, E is ether, M is water and A is air. That is what this means. Which relates to bringing the astral realm the ather to the physical world the four elements to fully manifest this spell form the ether or astral to Malkuth the physical world.

The Shema RTR is the major Key to defeating the Jewish race totally and forever. The Shema RTR is to be done daily. The Shema RTR is the major Key to saving your own life and the lives of Gentiles from being destroyed. The Jewish Bible this Shema materializes is one large death curse on all Gentiles. Which is why the Greek and Roman rulers ordered the Jewish Torah burned and banned it from being recited by the Jews. They were adepts in the Pagan religions and knew what this book of the Jews is.

Thanks to Satan and the Gods the power to stop this is now in your own hands. The Rabbi's warned in their own Kabala that Satan would destroy the Jews by destroying the Torah by REVERSING IT. The RTR's were given to us by Satan and the Gods. Satan is also code for Gentiles which means the Gentiles will destroy them by reversing the Torah.

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