Shekinah And Kabbalah

In Judaism the concept of Shekinah is held in the greatest importance by the Rabbi's. Shekinah is the personification of the power of the Jewish God.

In Kabala the Shekinah is the 22 Hebrew letters and the Torah that is formed out of this. There are tales of Rabbinical sages who spent their time intensively meditating on reciting Torah and to which the Shekinah appeared next to them also studying and reciting the Torah. The Shekinah is also referred to as the Torah.

In Judaism their god is three parts which is Spirit [energy] Sound and word. This is the power of Kabala and Torah of which Kabala is the highest meaning of Sod or secret in Judaism.

There is a tale of a Rabbi who walked to Jerusalem to the Kotel the Wailing Wall, every step he prayed. When he reached the wall he had a vision of Shekinah and was transformed. The Jewish Temple is supposed to the resting and residence of Shekinah on earth.

The Jews call the Shekinah the Sabbath Queen and during the Sabbath the Jews believe they receive a second soul which is the presence of the Shekinah within them. Sabbath is from Saba which means sound in the ancient language. This is when the Jews do their reciting of the Torah. This is their ritual day.

What this means is the Rabbi's who were transformed with the second soul of the Shekinah from intense reciting of the Torah. In the Hindu east were Kabala is stolen and corrupted from the highest meditation is on the names of God. These are the 22 letters in Hebrew. The Torah is made of these. The highest or fourth level of mantra meditation is when one obtains mantra Samadhi. The sound is intoned into the soul permanently and one in deep meditation can hear the mantra's reciting on there own.. This is when the Jew has by practice intoned the Torah into their soul and become a living Torah, the total channel for the Jewish god form. This is why the Shekinah appears to them. The second soul they have incarnated within is the God form they have intoned into themselves.

This is why the Hebrew letter Alep adds to 26 the number of their YHVH and is shown as the Jew and the Torah being one soul. The Hebrew letters are also charged talismans as well and bring this energy into the material. Many Jews have kabala talisman's and amulets with different names of the 72 names of YHVH upon them. This is also why the Jews put their numerical letter codes into their global media such as TV and movies as well. They act as the unconscious ritual to create and direct energy with their god form into the material to bring about their agenda.

The Shekinah and the Temple is important. The Temple in Judaism must be built by the Jewish Messiah which is the ushering in of the Jewish Messianic Age when the age of the Gentiles has been destroyed. In which the Temple will be rebuilt and be the seat of Jewish World government in which the Goyim who are not destroyed in the Messianic war will be forced to live under the Noahide Laws and be slaves of the Jews.

The Shekinah is the personification of the Jewish servitor or god form the Rabbi's have created with the Torah. Shekinah is a title of Shakti in Hinduism the Shakini which is the energy of creation and of the SA letter which the Shakini rules and is the throat chakra and the power of sound which is creation. The Jewish god is Spirit, Sound and Word. Which is ruled by the Sakini the deity of the SA or SAM letter in Sanskrit. Sakini which is stolen turned into Shekinah by the Jews.

The Jewish god is nothing but a massed form of programed energy in the astral. The Messianic Age is when this spell of God form of the Rabbi's is brought fully into completion of its task. Which is why the Jews use the Vav or sixth letter it brings this energy into the material word.

Now something to understand the Muslim's and Christians are told to study and recite the "Word of God" [the spell of the Jews] which is the Bible and Koran both which contain the Torah. In Egypt one must be able to sit for three days and recite the entre Koran perfectly in front of a panel of professors. To just be admitted to university. Imprinting this into their soul and making them into conduits for the energy of the Jewish god form to manifest and act thought into the material world. This also includes when the Jews do their black magic rituals as well.

Both the goal of Christianity and Islam as stated in their texts are to bring about the Messianic Age of the Jewish God. If one studies into Judaism its obvious the Jewish God is just an archetype of the Jewish People. They don't even hide this fact. The Jewish God even wears the Tefillin and prays three times a day with the Jewish prayer book and also studies Torah.

The Rabbi's state there are ten levels of angels. And these are not beings but vortex's of energies the Rabbi's direct and relate to ten worlds on the Jewish tree.. These are though forms the Rabbi's have created. The top three angels in Judaism are Gabriel, Michael and Raphael. These three represent the three pillar's of the Jewish world tree and each is given power over 24 names of the 72 names making the full 72. The 72 names are considered to be 72 angels. The three pillar's represent the trine elements the mother letters and powers of which all 22 Hebrew letters manifest from. And the 22 Hebrew letters form the pathways on the Jewish tree. Which form the body of the Jewish God. Their thought form and soul. The three mother letters the three top angels represent are Aleph Mem Shin. Which is spelled as AMS however this is arranged to SAM. Which is the SAM letter in Sanskrit. Which is the mantra of the Goddess Sakini which is stolen and altered to Shekinah. This simply shows once again the Shekinah is just the power of the Jewish thought from they call "god". The 22 Hebrew letters. One can also note even the Hebrew angels are just thought forms.

As mentioned before the Rabbi's themselves in their own writings mention the one way to reverse a Jewish spell is by reciting the Hebrew the spell was created with, in reverse. The Torah is just one large Jewish spell. The Reverse Torah Rituals are the one way the Rabbi's admit they can be totally defeated. The Jews and their global agenda IS the destruction of the Gentile world and the creation of a Global Orwellian Jewish State.

The Rabbi's also state in their Kabala texts the one great act that Satan will use to destroy the Jewish People is to show the Goyim how to reverse the Torah. In a Kabala tale which acts as a warning to the Jews. Satan, appears before Moses and uproots and destroys the Jewish Tree of life after mocking them and declaring their end. The tree of life is the symbol of the Jewish Torah and God from, the Jewish Soul.
The Jewish Torah is called their tree of life and soul. If its erased from existence what will happen to the Jews...

The prophetic warning the Rabbi's gave to their own has come to pass. Satan and the Gods have given us this knowledge.

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