Scape Goating Karma

In Hinduism the concept of penances are originally the fact that one can actually negate negative karma and neutralize it before it can manifest into the world and life of the person, cancel it out. The Jews in their kabala have an obsession with this concept however its done to negate any of the karma they have created from manifesting into the world against them. This is done by the Jews in one way as transference were they redirect the energy [karma is energy] towards another direction instead. The scape goat ritual the Jews perform is the attempt to transfer the negative energy of their criminal deeds onto Gentiles and curse Gentiles with it. This is also why the Jews blame everything on Satan. By doing this they also work to direct the negative thought energy of the masses and use it against Satan and the Gods. The Jewish program of Islam has a mass ritual during the Haj at Mecca were the Muslim's "stone Satan" they throw rocks at several pillars and scream with rage. This is sympathetic magic in kabala. Its designed to direct that energy or karma against Satan and the Gods as a mass curse. No doubt the Jewish rabbi's also use this energy in the past to attempt to abuse the Gods.

The RTR's cancel this transference out. The Jewish Rabbi's state that the Jews suffer because of the Heathen Nations exist. In normal speak it means our Gods still act in the world against the Jews. The Jews want to close this door but have failed. This is one reason there witchcraft book and program of Christianity and Islam is obsessed with removing spiritual power from the Gentles so people are closed off to the spiritual world.

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