The Jewish Rabbi's Admit Satan Is Shiva

The Rabbi's openly state in their own texts Lilith is the Hindu Goddess Kali;

Lilith states to the Jewish Elijah:

"Lilith stated: These are my names Lilith.....Kali..." [1]

The Jews refer to Samael and Lilith as a couple in the Jewish texts. However the Rabbi's also show who Samael the Hebrew title of Satan really is. There are two ways of spelling the Hebrew letter Shin. That of Shin and Sin.

From the book "The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism" it states on the name of Samael:
"The first letter of Samael's name is Sin not Shin..."

Sin is the name of the ancient Sumerian Moon God and in Sanskrit the original language the root word of the name Shiva is Sin.[2] The word Hindu comes from the name of the river Sindu.

The Jews openly state in their own texts one of the hidden names of Lilith is Kali the Hindu Goddess of creation and purification of the soul. And that Lilith's husband Samael is Shiva. Kali is the Goddess wife of Shiva.

The Yezidhi of the near east, God is Satan the hidden name of the Yezidhi God is A Shiva. The Yezidhi religion is still found in South India as the Yezidhi Elders state and their ancient records state they came from ancient India. In South India A Shivam is the ancient name of the religion of the Ya Siddha's were Yezidhi comes from.


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