Jewish Rabbi's Admit Satan Is God Of The Gentiles

The Jews openly state Satan is the Father of the Gentiles and that our cultures are from Satan and that the Gentiles are to be destroyed, totally. The soul and blood are one the soul is the etheric DNA.

As show here Satan is the original Sanskrit [the oldest language on earths] name of God:

The Sumerian's called ENKI, SATAN as well. This is why the Yezidhi's who were part of this civilization still call their God, SATAN. The Yezidhi's still practice rituals found on ancient Assyrian reliefs. The Yezidhi's also state they came out of India around three thousand years ago. And they still call the Sun, Shammash, the Sumerian, Babylonia name of the Sun God. Their calendar is seven thousand years old much older then the Jewish one. This proves again SATAN predates Judaism by thousands of years as God.

When the Jews state in their writings that Amalek is to be blotted out and destroyed they are referring literally to Satan. But also to the Gentiles who came from Satan's bloodline as the Jews state in their Torah. The Goyim are from the seedline of Satan. Where the Jews are from Yahweh. The Jews wish to exterminate the Gentiles to usher in the Jewish Messianic age. In which only the Jews will inherit the earth.

Note they call Satan "The strange God".

From a site on jewish Kabala. Goyim means with strange Gods, meaning our Gods, the Demons. In the Zohar, Satan is called the strange God, the Serpent, Samal [Devil-Satan] who is the Father Of the Gentiles.. Its Samal the Jews place in the garden of Edin whom they say Cain is the descendent of the serpent seed line the Goyim came from. Where the Jews came from Eve via Adam who is Yahweh's creation only and thus have a special blood line the Goyim don't. We have Satanic genes and soul.

Simple Gematria of L'Goyim = (40) +(10) +(6) + (3) +(30) = 89

On the other hand, we can compute the "complex" Gematria of a word by summing the numeric values of the spelling of each letter of the word. For example, in the case of l'goyim, although its simple Gematria is 89, it's complex Gematria would be computed from the individual Gematriot of its five component letters as follows:

= (30) +(40) (4) = 74
= (3) + (40) + (30) = 73
= (6) + (6) = 12
= (10) + (6) + (4) = 20
= (40) + (40) = 80

Complex Gematria = 259

And this complex Gematria of 259 connects the word l'goyim (the Gentiles) to the word b'zarim ("with strange gods", also with a Gematria of 259), "

Our Gods are "Strange" to the Jews because the Jews are alien souls and alien to this world as Rav Laitman has stated.

"Samael in the Zohar is associated with Amalek, the god of the physical world. The text describes Samael as Amalek's occult name.... Also equates him with Satan."


Samel is a Sanskrit word and means SAM [soul] AL [God] The God of the Soul. The Jews acknowledge that Satan is the Father of our souls as well. The Sumerian's stated Satan [The Sumerians called EA, Satan] breathed the breath of life into the Gentiles as their creator. Hence why they openly call us Satanic Souls. However this also means in Kabala the Jews wish to destroy the Gentiles on the soul level as well. Which is what the Torah is created to accomplish with the god form the Rabbi's created with it. The Torah as the Jews state is their god. And its full of curses on the Gentile soul from Genesis and on. This is why the Torah tells the Jews to destroy the Gentiles and their cultures. And the symbol of the Jewish god which the Jews called Leviathan is the Yod letter which the whole Hebrew alphabet comes from. Which is 22 letters that make the god of the Hebrews and the Torah. The Leviathan the Jewish god form is depicted in kabala as serpent encircling and destroying the Gentiles of the world. This is there Torah. Jesus is openly called the serpent of Moses which is the Jewish Leviathan the Jewish god form. The goal of Christianity is to bring about the Messianic age of the Jews and destroy the Gentiles.

The Jewish Zohar volume one, pages 28b to 29a states:

"At that time the mixed multitude shall pass away from the world. The mixed multitude are the impurity which the serpent injected into Eve. From that impurity came forth Cain who killed Abel. For they are the seed of Amalek. Whom it said "thou shalt bolt out the memory of Amalek." Gentiles who are compared to the beasts of the field another from the mazikin [goblins] for the souls of the wicked are literally mazikin [goblins] of the world: and there is impurity from the side of the demons and evil spirits: and there is none so strange among them as Amalek who is the evil serpent "the strange God." He is the cause of all unchastity and murder and his twin soul is the poison of idolatry, the two together being called Samel.... This side of the serpent is accused above all."

In Kabala there is something important. The symbol of the Aleph letter. Its the letter which adds to 26 the number of their god YHVH. Its symbol is two Yod's between a Vav. This is the symbol of the Jewish god form being connected to the Jewish soul though the Torah, the Vav. That which connects them. And 26 adds to the Chet letter. Which is the letter of life and the soul in Kabala. The Baal Shem Tov, a Rabbincial Saddok, a high ranking leader of the Jewish people. Called the Aleph letter the most important of all the letters. Aleph in Kabala is showing the relation of the Torah.

The Jews call the Torah....The Water Of Life.

The way out of this is the Reverse Torah Rituals which the Jews show in their own texts with the Golem. The way to reverse a spell in Hebrew is by reversing the Hebrew letters. The Reverse Torah Rituals is the key to erasing the Jewish god totally from the astral....

The Aleph letter shows the Jewish soul and the Jewish god form is one. Erase the god form of the Jews from the astral with the Reverse Torah Rituals and what will happen to the Jews in the material world..... Jews are biological weapons of mass destruction like their Torah is a spiritual weapon of mass destruction against this whole planet.

The Jews openly state Satan is the Father of the Gentiles and that our cultures are from Satan and that the Gentiles are to be destroyed, totally. To worship the Jewish god, Yahweh in the form of Christ or another other is worshipping the Jews who wanted to exterminate you off the earth. The Jews even state this in their own texts.


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