Revelation And 666 Explained

Revelation And 666 Explained

Many of you are familiar with this so called "Prophetic" book named the Revelation. This book is just the strongest subliminal of the bible, the climax of all other subliminals. As such this book has gained much attention and speculation from people who cannot understand it's meaning and assume it's the 'word of god'.

Unlike many dumb Gentiles who consider that the "Pagan" religions were somehow "Different" and try to individualize them, even when it's so evident they are the same blueprint all over and over again, expressing the Pagan, or as admitted by top Rabbis...Satanic Soul...

The jews don't have such qualms, they put us all in the same category and as one force, as Satanic, as they know, we always were the same forces wearing different masks throughout the eras. And indeed we never tried to hide it either, we are boasting about it and the good things we have done for mankind.

Jews pretend they don't like the New Testament as these are Goyim manuscripts. But guess who wrote these, jews wrote these and created these writings. But the Revelation is essentially what the jews believe as the Tikkun Ha-Olam, or the "Great Cleansing" or the "Great Purge" and world rectification, which has to do with the wiping out of all the Goyim from the face of the planet. Handing this as the New Testament is necessary so the Goyim will not start questions, you cannot really give them the true teachings of your culture, since they are your enemies and you seek to brainwash them.

The ultimate final rule of the Jewish "Soul" over the "darker and evil elements of existence", Satan and the Gods, or in other words, the Sitra Archa. Which is the final objective of the Tikkun Ha-Olam. The Sitra Archa has a manifestation below (The Goyim Nations aka White people and all other Gentiles) and the a manifestation above (Our Pagan Gods). Both need to be fought above and below to facilitate what the jews call as the 'messianic process'.

This in the physical realm the jews translate as the wiping out of the White Nations, the nullifications of the individual Nations and Races, and the emergence of some ultimate leader of theirs that will rule the earth as a goyim plantation for the jews, giving them ultimate power. This is their 'promised world'. The Revelation, the last book of the jewish bible, talks of this objective being coming to finalization.

Now why the jews don't accept this is because it's "prophecy". Christian prophecy is not prophetic at all, as none of these beings have any such experiences, and it deals with implanting things in the subjects brain, and not true prophetic ability. So the jews are pretty clear here, don't smoke the shit you sell to the goyim. Leave it to be snorted by the goyim instead and be jewish. This is because the jews understand it's just nonsense and it's not worthwhile of any attention.

However when you look at Hollywood and the promotion of Rabbi Yeshua or Jesus Christ, in every script, you understand, the upholding of this lie for the Goyim is of fundamental importance. If the goyim needs to believe that the jews are evil and they hate christ, so be it - no sacrifice is too great to maintain the goyim trapped in the hoax of rabbi christ. The jews have suffered to keep this spell and meme going and to present themselves as the so called enemies of a juxtapose their own race created. To play every goyim trapped in the middle. In the end, as Marcus Eli Ravage admits, this sacrifice was very worth it.

Many people read the english texts (Which have been corrupted to hide words) in the bible. English people tend to forget there are other languages in which these texts are written. Compared to which the English bible is just a fairytale. This is especially true in regards to the new testament. Which in Greek has a different meaning. The Old Testament is in hebrew and part of being a rabbi is analysis and knowledge of the hidden messages of such, which can be understood by knowledge of ancient hebrew.

If you pay attention to the Beast word in revelation, it means Therion. Which is actually the word for Wild Animal, but a great wild animal, a very powerful one, a mega-powerful animal. Which is actually a jewish slur for Satan, the God of the Goyim. So Satan marks his own people with a "mark", to mark them as his own. The jews call this the degoratory name of the "Mark of the Beast" aka the Mark of the Goyim Cattle. How do the jews call the Gentiles...The beasts of the burden, the cattle and the Goyim. What does this mark really mean, the Goyim in contrast to the 'true jews'. What remains out of the above is that Satan marks people with something the jews don't like, and the jews blaspheme with a disgusting name.

When Satan takes over the world, the 666 is given to Humanity as a mark, for everyone on top of humanity. Actually its ΧΞΣ, which is erm, translated in Greek Numerology, a forbidden science according to the bible, to 666. What the 666 really means however is the Solar Power and as it's well known this number is a number of perfection and the diamond body, and it's transformation to the rainbow body. This is the number of the grail and immortality. The thing about 'buying and selling' has to do with the transferring of energies on the negative and positive pole on the soul. This shows that at this point nothing imperfect exists in the soul anymore. It is blotted out.

The beast arises with 7 heads and 10 horns. It arises from the Seas, which is the typical ascendance of the Serpent, it rises from the seas. And it has 7 heads with crowns, the Chakras, and the 10 horns are basically the apexes of these chakras including the two sets which are apexes, the shoulders, the hips, and the temple chakras (2 in 1), numbering 10.

The beast is the Soul of the "Goyim" or the "Therion". Which is the Gentile Soul. However it's not the soul only that has power, but it the power is given by the "Dragon". Which is Satan and the Serpent, and without which, the Soul is powerless. After Satan shows up, the whole world bends a knee, but this is except of a thing, it's also an occultistic thing. This means that every part of the Soul is brought to perfection, and what is impure, is destroyed. Which is the point of the Magnum Opus.

After this a second beast comes out which is the second one, and this also gains power from the Dragon. But this beast has power over the material, which is symbolic of the ascension while one is still alive. And physical immortality. As thus it makes humans worship it akin to a king.

What this story really is about for those who know how to read this, is about the war of two types of Souls, namely, the Satanic one and the Jewish one, for domination of the planet and the world, heavens and earth.

Jews whine that the guys who have this 666 will openly oppose the jewish agenda and fight with them. And they cry in this book that one day they will replace all of them, the lamb will replace the ram, the 10 crowns will be replaced by the saints, the leader of it all (Satan) will be replaced by Rabbi Jesus who even tries to steal Satan's title as the Morning Star, while the "Whore" that keeps the Cup of "Fornication" (aka immortality) for the "Goyim" to drink, she will be destroyed too. And they also say they desire to take the world for their own. So all in all we have a wet dream as always.

People like the Romans, the jew considered them 666. The word Latinos which means Latin, and it meant back then Romans (Whites) is actually a word that also adds up to 666 same as many other words. Earlier Romans were at war with the jewish cultists of christianity.

So they wrote on these books to complain that these goddamn guys had a thing about them and that was the problem, they were 666. Napoleon and others such as Wilhelm II of Prussia, and of course, Hitler, were all called the Anti-Christs, in the case of Wilhelm his name adds up to 666 literally. Because they were up there spiritually, and because they were 666 (Satanic Souls) and Gentiles, non-jews, who have had power. To the jews this is evil for the Goyim to self-govern themselves.

So their admitted objective is to overthrow the spiritual system, the Demons, and all that we stand about, and replace it with themselves. As such the bizarre mentions in the Revelation about how "Angels will replace the Demons", "Jesus will replace Satan", and the "Saints will replace the Kings" etc, or that the "Lamb will replace the Dragon". This is in particular self evident. The Demons, the Kings, the Dragon etc, are all symbols for the Gentile Soul. While all the other crap are symbols of jewish creation.

Now the above is also allegorical as all of these things are reflected in many levels. The extinction of the above, in the material level, equals to the extinction of races, states and principalities of the non-jews. The jews say that the 12 tribes of Israel will replace basically the other tribes of the world in the Messianic Era. This is not some sort of joke, the rabbis know this all too well. Tikkun Ha Olam or "Rectification of the World" deals with extermination.

The astral assaults they carry on humanity manifest in wars, race mixing, and other such perils which destroy their enemies, such as hunger, impoverishment etc. These are backed up by physical actions from those physical orders that believe in these "Messianic Dreams" and carry on the objective to enslave and destroy the Gentiles.

Know this...The objective of the jews is to wipe you out. It's self admitted, nobody pinned it to them, and nobody would have the audacity to do so. The coward jews had the audacity to do this, and not only this, but expose it in the face of the goyim as prophecy. As Hitler stated, the biggest the lies and the more outrageous, the more likely they are to find people to believe them. The lies of the jews are outrageous, and people believe them, but that doesn't make them true.

In the same way, it will never make them victorious, as it never made them TRUE...

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666