The Qlippoth Or "Empty Husks" Explained


The Jews have attacked us Gentiles for centuries. Especially our Pagan Gods. The Catholic Church, Christianity, communism and much more are different faces of the Jewish empire.

In addition to all of this, the Jews have been at liberty to again, DICTATE and TELL us all what Satanism is supposed to be about, so-called "evil" and related.

The denigration of our Gods to the qlippoth, this sick filth, was invented by rabbi Isaac Luria during the 16th century, following the expulsion of the Jews from Spain. This expulsion was a major blow to the Jewish community. So major that Luria wrote of the qlippoth, looking to answers for the Jewish question, "If god is good, why is there evil?"

My point in writing this is many Satanists have been misled through this Jewish invented filth and extreme blasphemy against our Gods. Many who explore this trash through meditation and such have horrific experiences.

This Jewish invented filth has nothing to do with any of our Gods.
By High Priestess Maxine Dietrich 666

The Meaning Of The Klipoth

In the Rabbinical texts the Klipoth is the tree of death to the Jews.. The first Jews Adama and Eve, died because they ate from this tree. The tree of life in the garden is the Jewish world tree of the Sephiroth. The Klipoth is guarded by Satanel which just means Satan. This is a warning to the Jews about Gentile spiritual teachings and how they are toxic to the Jewish soul. The fact the Jews are an alien soul is emphasised many places in Judaism. The Jews were expelled from their paradise for this act of eating which means partaking of the Klipoth and it destroyed them and caused them all the suffering they have endured to this day. This is an allegory of what the Rabbi's openly state. The Jewish People suffer because of the Heathen nations exist and people practice idolatry. That is why Satan the original name of Gentile godhead in Sanskrit guards the Klipoth. Its the Gentile spiritual teachings and cultures. Judaism orders that the Pagan Nations are to be destroyed.

Exodus 22:20

"Anyone who sacrifices to a god, except the LORD alone, is to be utterly destroyed."

Deuteronomy 12 - Pagan Shrines to Be Destroyed

12 “These are the statutes and ordinances which you shall be careful to do in the land which the Lord, the God of your fathers, has given you to possess, all the days that you live upon the earth. 2 You shall surely destroy all the places where the nations whom you shall dispossess served their gods, upon the high mountains and upon the hills and under every green tree; 3 you shall tear down their altars, and dash in pieces their pillars, and burn their Ashe′rim with fire; you shall hew down the graven images of their gods, and destroy their name out of that place."

Many names on the Klipoth are mainly Sanskrit deity names if one is advanced enough to know what they are reading.


Tree Of Souls, Schwartz
By High Priest Mageson666

The Qlippothic Kabbalah

This is a very dangerous jewish construct. Which unfortunately many people who want to meddle with Satan (from the safe jewish nanny and based on her permission) do unfortunately follow. Because the erroneously assume that these things actually have in some way to do with jews, since the jews abused them and incorporated them as perversions of declared 'dead elements' in their occultism.

These systems are created to cause delusional paranoia, destabilize the mind, while also doing typical genie tasks for the idiots who practice them to draw them in. Even Rabbis tell their own to never practice these as these were made to ruin the mind. There are stories of Rabbis who have ruined themselves by practice of such things. As these are based on the JHVH and the enemy jewish spirituality that works in a similar pattern. They promise some shekels and easy solutions for everything, so the naive idiots do it, get drawn in, and then they get eaten.

Typically in this system people who wanted to play 'creative' and 'spiritual masters' or 'wanna be rabbis', they infested it even more over the years, creating monstrosities that little even they understand what actually do to them. Then you have clowns like EA Koetting who simply 'summon for fun' and do all sorts of other things for Emo schoolchildren.

Qlippoth means husk or empty shell. What the jews mean by husk is that it's like you have a fruit or something. You remove the content and you are coming in contact with the useless husk. Which is the general idea on how the jews created their occult system. They removed the essence of the Gods, made copies of their empty husks, and intergrated them in a system where they attempt to present them as part of the tree of "JHVH". This is because the names of the Gods themselves have been slightly altered, and this created a second thoughform or a husk.

In this case you use the husk, so you think you are eating on fruit, but the jews have removed the actual quality, nutrition (spiritually speaking) and true essence of the fruit, filling the fruit with poison, for the Goyim who want to attain spiritual knowledge by trying to find their old Gods. Even the shape resembles the rotten apple as it once were, and it also has a tag "Made in Israel" on it. These so called "Satanists" are just eating rotten husks, which are indeed, very close to their general emo perception around worshipping death, nihilism, and living in the bottom of the spiritual chain because the jews said so.

Basically just doing exactly what the jews said and dictated the "Dark Goyim" should be doing. To send them to the grave and to insanity and drugs directly. This is exactly why the "Satanism" has been a circus before we came along. Plagued by self deceptive filth, practices of personal decay, and generally what jews would wish to fall upon their enemies who dared try to find out about their Old Gods. I see many of these so called "Satanists" with big pity myself. Many of these institutions are also jew infested from top to bottom, contributing to the racial warfare of the jews do upon the Gentile mind.

Satanists are really bad goys, and they created specific plans to subvert them. Because the jews have full knowledge what True Satanism means, but they project otherwise to the silly goys. Who take their word for granted unfortunately sometimes based on disinfo.

If you pay close attention Koetting is not looking like a jew either. So he is just emo, dark kind of actor, taking for granted jewish crap and applying it, while giving these on the public for self-evaluation and financial gains as well.

He is a Goyim eating from the Husks...Made in Israel...

Sometimes truly they get an experience back, but this experience is always painted and tainted through negative forces, who have a worse higher objective: to hide all the understanding from the person. There is no true wisdom in any of these experiences, just funs, giggles, and a lot of theatricality involved. This is why the jews created the Qlippothic Kabbalah and the jewish Satanism in the first place, to conter-react on what Satanism already was. Which is Satyanism, the source of True Spirituality. This culture is a jewish reaction to the true culture of what Satanism is about.

The 'practitioners' don't know jack shit of what is going on in regards to their working. And unknowingly they are basically using their own powers of manifestation, sometimes making these systems work. This is because they subconsciously believe that since these look so dark and crappy, these have to also be successful. So sometimes, here and there, they can have outcomes. In more serious cases where the enemy draws interest to destroy the Gentiles using these, they destroy them directly and entice them in deception until they are destroyed. These are the jewish systems. Even Rabbis have been destroyed by the monstrosities their own race has created.

Actual Satanism is quite different. All the power is on the person, all the knowledge, and all the wisdom. One doesn't simply go into a plane to fly (and possibly crash to Pissrael) but actually learn to drive the plane, recharge it, learn all it's secrets, and also grow an understanding of the purpose of using the plane and way more. This is how Spiritual Satanism works and for this reason we tell you, AVOID THE EXCREMENT OF THE ENEMY! If you want to create Disneyland and be the princess until the weight of your ignorance crashses on you, certainly, go ahead.

But if you want to worship Satya - Satan, the Truth, you have to follow rigid meditation routines which will lift the veils from your eyes so you can see the Truth, sometimes, too unpleasant to those living in fairyland. Spirituality is very scientific, it's not only about make believe, spooks and imagination. It's as accurate and as dependant-upon as being a science about existence.

Lastly, why some people find 'results' on these things, are only because truly, spiritual powers are within. Because they so much believe that by doing such things they will experience results, they also create them. This is a very basic level of magick which is very Samsaric, and is quite similar to simply what the christians do in praying to the idols of Rabbi Jesus without understanding that they are fullfilling their own 'prayers'.

True Prayer towards the Gods is past these 'veils' of perception, and reaches the Gods directly. Satan and the Gods don't hide behind their finger telling people that they are this and that, they show obviously to us that we are Gods ourselves and share the powers of the Gods, that we need to cultivate. Behind this hyperrealism of spirituality, are lying dormant the laws of the cosmos and actual entities which through these means try to communicate higher understanding to our species.

Associating these entities with stupidity, decay, and personal creative imagination that makes them jesters is disrespectful, retarded, but above all false.

As the famous quote of Yoda is in Star Wars. One must unlearn what they have learned, if they wish to know the secrets of the 'force'. Unlearning what one has learned in a world is important in having a clearer perception about existence and therefore elevating one's self to the Godhead gradually as a result.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666