Passover Exposed

The Jewish ritual of Passover is a Kabbalistic ritual that ties into the energies of the occult new year which occurs within March to April, in which occult workings are put into motion for the year.

The Jewish Passover is based on when the Jewish "god" murdered the first born, Gentile children of Egypt. This includes the child of the Pharaoh. This is also the time the Christian's celebrate Easter. During the Passover is when the Jews conduct the ritual murders of Gentile children. The child is ritually murdered in a mock up of the Christian ritual murder of Jesus at Easter. This is done to create a sympathetic connection to the Christian ritual which is nothing more then the mock version of the Jewish ritual murders. The Jews drain the blood of the child into cups and drink such and bake the blood into the Matzo bread. The Christian communion ritual is based on this ritual. The energies of the mock ritual murder the Christian's engage in and the Jewish ritual murders connect on the astral and give more energy to the ritual. This is called sympathetic magic in Kabbalah.

When one understands that in esoteric texts the energy of specific chakra's are used to manifest workings into the world of which they correspond to the energies of, this is the key to understanding Passover. The ritual of Passover is mass ritual working of which the entire Jewish racial soul is collectively used to manifest the aim of the ritual into the world. The Jewish racial soul and the individual Jewish soul all at once is called "god" in the Kabbalah texts, the ten sefirot or worlds of their Kabbalah tree is the map of their soul and this tree and the worlds and the 22 letters it makes up is "god" even the YHVH the name of their "god" is how the ten worlds are divided into elemental sections on the tree. Its the Jewish soul and nothing more. This is made explicitly obvious, openly in the Kabbalah. In Kabbalah "god" creates the world by the ten sefirot which are the collective energies of the Jewish individual and collective racial soul, which included the 22 Hebrew letters.

In the Kabbalistic texts the actual details of what and why this is done at Passover is revealed. The Passover is based on directing the energies of the Ain Soph or Kether down thought the worlds of Binah and Chochmah, the three upper worlds . Into what is called the seven lower the Sefirot.

The ten worlds are the map of the Jewish soul, both individually and collectively. The thought form of the Jews or YHVH is nothing but the projection of energy of the collective and individual Jewish soul. Keter or Ain Soph is also called the Shekinah or the "Holy Spirit" its the 22 Hebrew letters, why? Because if one studies the practical Kabbalah, the Jewish soul template the vibrational template that forms the Jewish soul across the different levels of manifestation, is the 22 letters and ten worlds.

The ritual Seder's of Passover is based on ten ritual items, each one relating to the directing of energy into one of the worlds. The cups of wine used and the Matzo balls relate to the directing of energies.

The cup of wine of which the blood is placed, is the world of Binah and the Matzo with the blood baked in is the world of Chochmah. The Keter is the astral template of the Jewish soul which divides into these two halves of the Jewish soul, the male and female aspects of the worlds of their chakra's/energy centers. The Kabbalah states that the life force is in the blood, the energy of the soul is in the blood which is why the Jews drink the blood, its taking in the life force of the victim to add more power into the ritual directly by raising their own energy levels. The astral energies released by the torcher of the victims and the murder of the victims are directed into the mass ritual, as well.

The energies of the ritual murders of Passover are directed into the collective Jewish soul, thought the plane of Keter the astral template which connects to the entire Jewish soul, all the chakra's and from which connection its flowed into the masculine and feminine aspects and energy centers of the Jewish soul, thought all of the energy centers of every Jewish person during the Seder's, the entire Passover Seder's are designed to connected into the energies of the ritual murders by sympathetic connection and by the direction of the mind and chanting of the Kabbalistic formula's in Hebrew and the drinking of the wine cups and eating of the Matzo bread. From here the collective energy of the properties of all ten worlds, infused with the energies raised in the ritual, the full force of the entire Jewish soul collectively is projected outwards to connect with the Christian ritual of Easter and thus become infused by the projected and connected energy of millions of Christian dupes and then manifested into the world.

The aim of using the collective energies of all ten energy or consciousness centers of the Jewish racial soul for this mass working is made clear in the Kabbalah:

Five manifestations for the male worlds or chakras and five manifestations for the female worlds or chakra's. The five of the male chakra's are directed into cursing the Gentiles and the five of the female chakra's are for blessing the Jewish race. This relates to the concept of severity and mercy in the Kabbalah. Its just a code for using the energy of the Jewish soul centers for different workings. The Kabbalah shows how to use them individually or in smaller groups or in the case of Passover all at once.

What this ritual also reveals is the purpose of Christianity is to act as the conduit for the Jewish rituals to manifest into the world with and thought as each Christian is connected into the "Holy Spirit" or the Shekinah, the energy of the Jewish race soul [YHVH]. In the occult its known that one can direct energy into a person its called "Pranam" in Hinduism. The energy of the Christian worship is all directed into the Jewish racial soul, collectively to infuse the Jewish race with major spiritual power. And to connect the Christian's into the projected thought form of the Jewish racial soul on the astral, which the Christian connects with and acts as conduit through which the rituals of the Jews manifest into the physical world.

The ritual of Yom Kippur, if one studies the Rabbinical, Kabbalistic adepts, is to create a transfer of the negative energy the Jewish race collects on their soul from Passover and such murderous rituals. And transfer it onto the Gentiles spiritually. To then curse the Gentiles further to destruction for the Jewish race. By transfer of the negative karmic energy of the Jewish actions onto the Goyim, the Goyim pay for the Jewish evil committed against them. The concept of Christianity is what allows this to be successful. Its based on the transfer of negative energy from the guilty onto the innocent, this creates a sympathetic connection in the mass mind of the Gentile victims. The Christian's are taught to be guilty and ashamed all the time and they deserve to be punished. This creates the open window in their mind to connect with the curses of the Jews, TOTALLY. The Christian Gentiles, soul being connected astrally into the Jewish racial soul, creates the link for all this to connect and the Jews to damn them.

The removal of all spiritual knowledge and the total destruction of history by the Jewish program of Christianity. Leaves the Gentiles as helpless victims to all of the evil of the Jewish racial program.

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