"The One God" - A Perverted and Stolen Concept, Corrupted by Jews

by High Priest Hooded Cobra 666


I have decided it's important to educate a bit on the important number of the ONE, and what this literally means.

The number one is the number of the undivided, the eternal, the permanent, the 'all that is', basically. This is the formless, the Aether, the void that permeates all creation. It's at the same time, all potentiality. In other words, everything begins with the "One". This is the god-force that is everywhere in creation. Essentially, this is not even 'god', but the all-pervading power of nature, so to say.

The enemy scammed this allegory and replaced this concept with 'themselves' in the position of 'god'. They based this concept to justify their crimes against creation, against humanity, and their alien agenda. The enemy knows, as we have stated many times, that all of these things are hoaxes. But like any other hidden order of slavers, their fear is that you know it too.

Creation does not start with the "ONE". It starts with TWO. As thus Satan has been given the "Two" and was called the "Evil one who Divides", but also at the same time, the ultimate Creator of the Cosmos and perceived reality. This is also the symbolism of the Serpent. It divides and brings together at the same time. The Satanic Serpent is the whole, and the division at the same time.

When something does get 'divided' from this 'whole', as a separate consciousness, this is when creation begins. This makes beings co-dependent to it. We are indeed 'one', in the fact we are all permeated by this very essense, but the enemy hides it with hiding spirituality, killing and cursing spiritual people, and trying to pass of spiritual communism as a rule (everyone is 'one') and the 'same'. This is exactly the opposite of what beings in nature should be doing. This right here reveals the soul of the enemy to be that of a parasite and nothing more.

This is only an excuse. To make people understand this. It's actually POLYTHEISM that is divine and non-primal. Polytheism recognizes that individuals can all be "All powerful" and Gods in their own right, for the universe (nature-god force) is limitless and infinite. It was only when the reptillians set foot in the planet, that they stated this was 'evil' and that humanity had to forcibly forget this and just worship 'the one'.

The 'one', without beings, is nothing- absolutely NOTHING. The enemy knows this, and they pretend to be this highest authority, but nobody is, let alone the enemy. It doesn't have to do with 'worshiping' this thing either. We have to worship our Gods, for its THEM giving a damn about our survival. Not the 'one' or 'nature'. Nature launches a solar flare, and off goes 'humanity'. Respect, upholding, and understanding nature, yes, by all means.

On the other hands, its the Pagan Gods that need our attention, worship, and love and admiration, for it's due to them we exist, know occult sciences, medicine, and so forth. All these are survival tools given to humanity, so that they can endure nature's negative decrees. These weren't given to us by "God". Satan was the only one that gave a damn to save these petty monkeys on this abandonned planet, and to him we owe our existence.

As for "nature", we respect her, uphold her, and again, seek to understand her, but on the other hand we cannot deny the fact that with one solar flare, mommy nature can have us extinct in no time. Therefore, we have to SURVIVE. The enemy tries to play "God" and tries to exterminate humanity, de-evolve it, and enslave it.

Never buy the lie that this "God/Nature" is against or pro anyone. It just "IS". It's just creation, infinite potentiality. Everyone is part of it. Now, the more beings develop, they apply this force into developing themselves. Judgement from "God/Nature" is actually what one brings upon themselves for meditating or not meditating, upholding the laws or not.

This doesn't have to do with the tablets of some reptilian kike named Moses, which is a ficticious character, neither with some demented genocidal rabbis. In short, you have to correct your relation to Nature, and how you understand it, work with it's laws etc. If this is not upheld, then people are punished.

This has NOTHING to do with conformity to the Jews. It's all a dupe.

The more these 'divisions' happen, the more creation flourishes and evolves. In fact, this is exactly what nature wants beings to do. The final steps of such as manifested on the planet are different lifeforms, the humans the races, the separate souls that nonetheless, are all "Divine".

The enemy is a criminal and tries to make 'reasons' for the universal crimes they do, such as race mixing. Everything that removes what makes us 'different' (which the ultimate result of race mixing will be, ONE "Human race") is regressing us back into the 'one'. The same goes for death. In short, the more docile, and the lower the type of the lifeform, the more towards non-existence it goes. It goes back to the first primal state from where it actually was...DIVIDED in order to ADVANCE.

Of course, we have to unite with this force (this is what the Kundalini and Meditation does) and we have to respect it and work with it. In simplicity, to understand that we are one with nature and the world around us, and not just 'separate'. This is where the power is at.

Therefore let all the lies of the enemy, that this is 'natural', 'normal' or even spiritually 'founded', as far as their crimes go. Know they go STRAIGHT UP AGAINST nature and the purposes of creation, for the development and evolution of species. They are actually throwing or attempting to throw humanity billions of years of labor, time and evolution, back into becoming stupid amoebas with the IQ that is inferior to that of a pig.

The above is only one example.

The key is with Satan. Satan is the teacher and the master of the ways of Nature, some naive people which call "God". Satan commands, in all the levels, Satan knows. Without Satan as a representative, creation remains faceless, so to say. Unapproachable, and dull.

Lastly, Satan never had a problem with nature, which many naive people call "god" and it's understanding, for example. It's the enemy that invented this lie. If anything, Satan and only Satan and the Gurus (Demons) do actually LEAD to God (the Godhead, understanding of nature) and our realization as people. It's them that brought about, mastered, and passed us down this science.

However, Satan DOES have a problem, same as all the Gods, with these scumbags that lie to Humanity, plague us, and want to convince by lies, deception and killing that they are "GOD" themselves. I therefore reveal them in front of you know, so that you know, they are lowlifes, trash, and if anything, very AGAINST and DISRESPECTFUL to nature and creation in general.

For that reason, amongst many others they need to be SPIRITUALLY DESTROYED and SPIRITUALLY FLATTENED.

Satan, the Gods and us, we will look to it.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666