The End Days and the "Messiah"

Judaism teaches the Rabbi's that there are two Messiah's one is the earthly Messiah the son of Joseph who is to be a living sacrifice who's death will pave the way for the second, heavenly Messiah who is the son of David to descend and bring about the Messianic Empire of the Jews, the purpose of the Jewish religion.

The Rabbi's mention in their writings the Heavenly is the astral realm and the earthly the physical realm. This is the heart of the truth of why Christianity was created by the occult adepts of the Rabbinical class of the Jews. The character of Jesus -Yeshua Bar Joseph. Is both the son of Joseph, whom even lives in Egypt for a time and is also from the line of David.

The Jewish Messianic mission is fulfilled within the program of Christianity. Jesus is created as the earthly Jewish Messiah who is sacrificed and who shall return as the Heavenly Messiah with the Heavenly Jerusalem.

The purpose of this the character of Jesus is set up a global religious program from which sets up the arrival of the Messianic Age by having billions of Gentiles pouring their spiritual, psychic energies into and becoming imprinted within their souls while acting as physical conduits to bring this spell thought from the astral into the physical even working unconsciously to manifest this. Century after century this is going to have the desired effect.

The Second Coming of Christ is stated to be the descent of the Ruach, the "holy spirit" into the world. The Ruach in Rabbinical texts is the energy generated by the speaking of the mantra of the Torah, the entire book of which is stated to be one long name of their god, the Jewish God is just a thought form generated by the Jewish spell of the Torah, the Jewish God even appears in Jewish texts in the form of the 22 Hebrew letters which form the Torah. And their god only speaks from behind the Pargod which is curtain made up of the 22 letters. This god also appears to Moses in the burning bush as the 22 letters and Moses writes the Torah. The entire Torah is wrote with the 22 Hebrew letters. The mystical Jewish texts state Shekinah created Elohim or Yahweh the Jewish God. Because Shekinah is the energy of the Hebrew letters when vibrated to create. The Jewish God is nothing but an energy form created on the astral by the speaking of the Hebrew letters as mantra's in specific combinations to cause things to occur. The highest occult teaching in Kabala is the knowledge of the creation by the 22 letters its only allowed to be taught to no more then two Rabbi's at once and only orally. The New Testament is designed to connect into the Torah as its channeling the energies to the Jewish god form.

Jesus is the Jewish thought form. His proper Hebrew name Yashua means Yah, a name of Yahweh, Shu which is a word for fire, the fire of Yahweh. Fire is the symbol of the destruction of the Gentiles by Yahweh in the Torah. The Shin letter in kabala is fire and the letter of Yahweh's destruction. In Hebrew vowels are interchangeable in words. Shu becomes Shi or Shin. Which spells out Ya Shin. Yod Shin. The letter of their God god the tenth Yod and the Shin.. Its a name of Yahweh. This is why Jesus is shown symbolically in Luke as the staff of Moses. Which upon it has the name of YHVH the name engraved. Its also the symbol of the 22 letters.

The descent of the Heavenly Messiah and Heavenly Jerusalem in the Jewish texts is when the god form is strong enough to fully manifest and descend from the astral into the materially fully and bring about the full manifestation of the program into reality. Part of this is the war of Gog and Magog the Messianic war in which the 11 Kingdom's of the Gentiles will be destroyed by "God" which God is a code word for the Jews. 11 in Judaism is the number of the angel of destruction and death. Hence the 11 Gentile Kingdoms are meant the total extermination of Non-Jewish Peoples and their nations.

All the supernatural descriptions of the Age of the Messiah are just symbolism for the astral energies of this god form descending into the material. The eternal life given is the eternal control the Jews will have over the planet in this empire. The symbol of the descent of the golden cube of the Heavenly Jerusalem is the Kabbalistic cube which is the symbol of the 22 Hebrew letters the god form of the Jews in Kabala. This texts are stated by the Jews to be written in symbolic language as there occult meanings.

The Jews state the resurrection the Messiah must accomplish is the resurrection of the Jewish Race, bringing them together and to full control of the world. The Jews also mention the Messiah is a Jewish leader who is nothing but a conduit for this thought form, a total channel. Stating this "soul" will descend into a Jewish body.

The Jews in the Torah also refer to Abraham creating souls this is bringing Gentiles into this program. The energy of the Jewish program has the ability to alter the structure of the energies of the souls of Gentiles who are deeply into this over life times. This is the reason hard-core Christians really do behave like something from invasion of the Body Snatchers.. The Hindu texts mention this reality of the imprinting of the groove into the souls or Samkara's. Is done energetically thought rituals and such over life times and this can cause a permanent alternation in the soul. For the Gentile they become a channel for this Jewish god form to descend thought into the material.

This theme is repeated in the Torah were Abraham goes from Abram to Abraham because Yahweh infused him with his own breath which is the Ruach or spiritual energy and for this they add the letter Heh the breath of Yahweh. So he becomes Abraham. He is transformed by the Ruach the energy of the Jewish God form into a Jewish soul or Golem. Which is what the Torah states Adam was also a Golem that Yahweh breathed life into.

The Golem in Rabbinical tradition is the symbol of the Jews creating a thought form and then commanding it. The Golem is always made from the four elements which in Kabala is YHVH. Which is why the Golem has YHVH wrote upon it. The four letters YHVH in Kabala are the four elements. The Rabbi puts the energy into the Golem and then commands it.

This is why their god is called YHVH. Its a thought form.

Another way this is shown is with Angels. Which are openly shown to be thought forms in Kabala. That are created and invoked by Rabbi's who know their names and formula's. The tale of Metatron is the creation of an Angel by "God" the code world for the Rabbi's and this Angel is called YHVH and serves the commands of "God" the Rabbi's in heaven the astral. Metatron is shown to be their God YHVH whom serves the bigger God that is the Rabbi's. The Jewish God openly in Judaism is shown to be a though form the Rabbi's created and command.

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