Lucifer And the Philosophy Behind Satan/Lucifer

As we all know by now, we can call the essence of the universe "God", "Source energy", "Akasha", "Ether" or as we see fit. It's this one energy that permeates the whole of creation and keeps it going, but then, there is another thing that keeps creation going: Consciousness. Lucifer/Satan represents this, and the channeling of the energy of the universe, at the same time. Essentially Lucifer/Satan is the Creator.

It's a kosher jewish lie that pre-christian Satanists/Pagans denied the existence of a 'source' of all creation, a primordial cause, or a sole essence that was the source of creation. But they considered this useless, because this was UNEXPRESSED and LATENT in existence...In other words without beings to express this, the universe is as useless as anything that never existed. Therefore the 'created' have a similar position to the 'creator force' in this sense.

However what they all believed is that simply, this is an eternal concept and cannot be expressed. For this the Gods are needed. In Egyptian mythology the Gods came from the Neter, which is basically like the Source or Akasha. Ie, the force of "God" or "Nature" created the Gods. Which then they created us and so forth.

Learning to understand this concept and one's position in this infinity was central and fundamental thinking. Spiritual Satanism or Satan never denied this either. As this something real.

The second title for Satan is Lucifer. Now Lucifer breaks down in two. Luci which comes from the latin Lux which means Light, and fer which means Bringer. Therefore Lucifer is the bringer of the Light. This is a title even admitted by his enemies, but what does this title means I am going to briefly explain into this post.

When people think of light, they think of Sunlight according to human sense. However this light is an unseen, formless, unexpressed light that is basically not a light, but only what it is in itself. But we still call it the light, although it's the light that hasn't manifested. When the light manifests in full power, that is the power of the Sun, and therefore the Sun is the power of the manifested and real, felt and active light. The other type of energy is thoroughly passive.

Anything that is revealed and created, is a form of light and vibration. The revealed and all the potential worlds are light, and they all come from the Abyss of 'Nothingness', the Akasha or the "Chaos". Nothing exists there, but endless potentiality. It's a void, just waiting for a conscious entity to express it. Without a conscious entity or a teacher (which is what Satan/Lucifer is) this light would remain unexpressed and all living entities would never figure this out, as thus remaining ignorant. The person who does this process of en-lightening is called a God, and this is exactly what Lucifer is and what his role is in creation.

Therefore the Demons (Demon = God in Ancient Greek) all obey to Lucifer. The other name of Lucifer which is Satanas is related to Truth and the realization of Truth. Lucifer is even admitted by his enemies to be the "Angel" that was closest to God, ie, the formless light or the neter, or the Akasha or chaos, you name it, and he was the creator and the transferer of the light, ie, the creator manifested. He has the same position in the Yazidis who honor him above "god". Simply because God is neither a kike named Jehovah, and it's neither a form that needs worship or to be followed as on it's own it leads nowhere.

Sat means True, An means God, and As in the jewish kabbalah in Hebrew which is concealed to hide from the masses means boundless Light. Satan still technically means Truth, but to break down the name as in above, this reveals the real nature of Satan as a being. The jews removed the AS from the name of Satanas to show their wish to cast him 'down' from his position. This deals with who Satan is as a being in the universe, or more accurately, the ET behind the title. Lucifer brings the light, and creates the world, the Soul, and everything that is and exists.

Without Lucifer, the active creator, a manifest creation cannot be, and "God" remains a useless potentiality in the middle of nowhere. As thus the perverted statement of "Lucifer being the favorite angel of God". This shows that this being behind the title has reached a state of equality with this force, which is what the Godhead is.

The light he brings from the highest source of creation, the creative source par excellence, the depth of depths, the "One God" that so many idiots gloat about, which is the chaos, or the light. Indeed there is no way to accurately 'explain' what this 'is' because then we start to define it.

Additionally, as all of us know, Satan leads man to understand the Godhead and become a part-taker in this Divine Creation. Because indeed Satan/Lucifer is God and in the infinite universe, there can be infinite Gods. Therefore Satan/Lucifer is not afraid of us, scorns us, or puts us down. Why should he?

For some reason dealing with the aliens and ET's hiding behind theology, the jews decided to attack Satan and try to curse him from falling from this high position he had in 'front of God' which is basically a metaphor in the mastery of the light, which even the enemy admits, was the superb and the highest possible. This is all strong allegorical language here, coded in the "Fall of Lucifer".

This came because the jews put themselves as "God" and Satan went against their plans, so putting words in the neter's mouth, they supposedly stated that Satan was to be punished. Mass belief into this lie pushed energy into this direction to some extent. But obviously the jews have nothing to do with "God", nor this is real. And this is why people like the Yazidis never bowed to the jews and their crap. Because enlightened people like Sheik Adi can see what is real and what isn't spiritually wise.

In the Yazidi tradition, Lucifer was asked to bow before "Adam" (Man, or what have you) and he denied this proposal because he was the most Ancient and the most ancient and he knew that would be disrespectful to the creator or the universe to obey something that is so recent and fragile as man. In this fable of the Yazidis, "God" or the source rewards Lucifer because he stood to his stature, and puts him as ruler over all creation, seen and unseen.

Lucifer/Satan is basically the conduit from which the infinite unexpressed light gets an expression into existence. Rightfully so some people take this and say that Satan is the Creator God of the universe, but this is allegorical. Satan is one with this force and there is no division, and consequently comes the statement of Satan being everywhere and anywhere, which many people took and named him as a 'force' later.

This is the future of advanced entities who ascend spiritually on these higher levels,, to reach this state. And as always it's Satan that leads to "God" and is God. Deprogramming from jewish lies that are offbase and extremely blasphemous is a necessity for all Gentiles who seek to rise into a higher spiritual level.

All of the above should show who Satan is, and who we are as a result by calling ourselves Spiritual Satanists, which is to strive towards the highest spiritual awareness and objective.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666