"Exposing Kabbala Stolen From Thoth"

In Kabala the inner chamber of the head is of knowledge the godhead is called "Daat". In Hebrew the D is a double letter of the T it can be wrote either way. Daat is Taat, this is the name of Thoth in the ancient world. The God who rules the all seeing eye the pineal gland at the sixth chakra. Which is the Daat in Kabala. Hence why Thoth is the God of knowledge the knowledge of the fully opened spiritual eye and super conscious state of the fully activated brain.


In Kabala the "god head" is simply shown openly as being the human brain within the head. Which is symbolically shown as the three upper worlds Binah, Chokhmah, Kether. Which are symbolically shown as the trine parts of the brain the left and right hemisphere and the optic thalamus. In reality most of the Kabala was stolen by the Jews when they were in Alexandria which was the hub of spiritual knowledge. Scholars have pointed this out as well the Kabala is all taken from the ancient Hellenistic spiritual teaching some Rabbi's admit this as well. The Greeks and Egyptians had the same culture.

The Secret Doctrine of the Gaon of Vilna Volume II: The Josephic Messiah, Leviathan, Metatron and the Sacred Serpent: Joel David Bakst
Secrets Of The Serpent, Philip Gardiner
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