The Jews Have Cursed Gentiles To Death

What causes death, aging, misfortune, sickness and suffering, is listed many times in the Eastern spiritual texts of Hinduism. Its because of the Kundalini serpent of Satan being bound in the root chakra, sleeping and unawakened:

"The Kundalini when she sleeps, is identified with the fire of time... that cooks all creatures to death, thorough the aging process. ...The fire of yoga [yogagni] that destroys the fire of time, is identified as kalaagnirudra, the "Rudra of the Fire of TIme," that is , a fire when she awakens which is greater then, which consumes, the fire of time. When she sleeps, the kundalini is associated with the fire of time, a time whose passage marked by the movements of sun and moon in the subtle body; when she awakens, sun and moon [here the ida and pingala nadis] are both immobilized, and the kundalini doubling as the susumna nadi is said to "consume time."[1]

When the serpent ascends up the spine to the head its stated to unleash a pillar of Ambrosial necter which is the Amrita which means literally "deathlessness". That floods the entire being transforming them into an immortal Siddha meaning Perfected.

The Jewish enemy in their Torah has placed numerous curses upon the Gentile serpent of Satan an attempt to bind the Kundalini energy in the root chakra and keep it unawakened. And make it dangerous to attempt to awaken this power for anyone. The Jewish enemy has cursed every generation of Gentiles literally to DEATH.

Note the Kala agni Rudra the spiritual fire the destroys the fire of time and liberates one into immortality. Rudra is the main title of Shiva. And Shiva is called Satan Shiva. The Eternal Shiva in sanskrit. Shiva's symbol is the serpent and originally in ancient texts in the ancient garden of Sri Lanka, Shiva created Adimu and Eva and taught them how to ascend the serpent and create the Light Body and become immortals. Even the description of Edin is the Mount Meru of Hinduism. The Jewish enemy stated originally they came out of India. They stole this text and rewrote it in Hebrew to become a curse on Gentiles to curse all Gentiles to DEATH. They made raising the serpent of Satan the original sin and this Yahweh [the Jewish race] was inserted in the story with the rewrite and it was Yahweh [the Jewish Rabbi's using the Hebrew alphabet] who drove the serpent down the spine onto the earth and spoke the curse upon the Gentile serpent. And placed the Jewish angels at the gateway of the garden with flaming swords to prevent them from returning. Angels are symbolic of Jewish curses and thoughforms in Kabala and the flaming sword is the symbol of the Zayin letter which is used for cursing and binding the Gentile soul in Kabala. For this reason in the Kabala it states that this is how the Jews will be able to become "god" and rule the Gentiles. By cursing them to death. The Jews have driven Gentiles out of immortal life and eternal spiritual bliss into this miserable world they created. Its states right in the Torah Yahweh [the Jewish race] stopped humanity from eating of the tree of immortality.

Where Satan gives us Eternal Life. The Sanskrit texts are full of instructions of literal immorality by serpent power Yoga which came from Satan.

The Final RTR is the way to undo this as their "god" Yahweh is the one who pronunces the Death Curse on the Gentiles by binding the serpent of Satan in this text. Their Yahweh is the 22 Hebrew letters. Christianity is literally a death cult. Its what gives this Jewish spell power and allows the Jews to remove all the spiritual knowledge from the Gentiles and bind them to slavery and death.

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