Christ Is A Kabbalistic Jewish Death Curse

Christ Is A Kabbalistic Jewish Death Curse

The entire Bible is Kabbalah the symbolism within the Bible is part of Kabbalah, the sympathetic or talismanic magic, the symbols within Kabbalah are vibrational templates that are the forms of astral frequencies that relate to the aspects of the enemy thought form of YHVH. The images of the mind are vibrational forms in the mind that connect with the mass mind by the element of Ether which relates to mind, K..ETHER in Kabbalah relates to this realm the energy of the YHVH before it becomes material. The symbols connect into the Hebrew alphabet and the reading of the Hebrew and the sonic-astral algorithm this creates. Symbols manifest, direct and connect energies from the astral, Kether into the material, Malkuth.

In the ancient Jewish tradition Theologians know that Jesus is the Jewish Arch Angel Michael, who is the angel that protects Israel [the Jewish race] and the Jews pray to as the destroyer of their enemies [the Gentiles] and Michael is the weapon the advancer of their racial agenda. Michael is mentioned in the Torah. The Jehovah Witnesses also know this and state Jesus is the Arch Angel Michael.

The Rabbi's state the major angels such as Michael are Egregores that are manifestations of the ten spheres or levels of the overall thought form of YHVH which is shown as the world tree. Michael is shown with the flaming sword and so is Jesus in Christian art. This sword is the Zayin or Zion letter in Kabbalah the 7th letter, Jesus is given the number 777 which is Zayin, Zayin, Zayin. This letter is what the Rabbi's use to attack and destroy their enemies with. The sword of Michael is Zayin, its the sword of Zion. The symbols and the letters connect together to manifest and direct the energies of the Jewish energy form YHVH.

Michael the Arch Angel is the one who casts Satan out of heaven and down to earth and binds Satan, Satan is called the serpent [soul energies] of the Gentiles in the Bible. This shows the binding of the serpent in the root chakra that of earth after being driven down from heaven the crown chakra. The sword of Michael is the flaming swords the Angels used to bind the soul in the Garden of Edin. The entrance to Edin in Kabbalah is the door to the sushumna and the Gan Edin is the pineal region and how it connects to the crown chakra. Being driven out is driving down the serpent from the crown chakra into the root chakra and then binding it there with the symbol of Jesus-Michael the sword of Zion and the Hebrew formulas and letter in Hebrew it connects with. The serpent is made to crawl on the ground after this and the Hebrew curses YHVH [the Jewish race] speaks against the serpent in Hebrew, in the Jewish Torah are used to bind the serpent energies in the root chakra of Gentiles. The curses that are read off by the Jews in the Torah in Hebrew connect with the symbolism of the text to feed the power into all of this.

This is why the symbolism of the binding of the Gentile soul from the Genesis text is connected into the symbolism of the New Testament with Satan being cast out of heaven by Jesus-Michael, its connecting the energies of the mass mind of Gentiles into this curse to bind them. Satan falling from Heaven like Lighting as the Bible states is the symbolism of the Zayin letter the sword of Zion in Kabbalah the flaming sword binding the Gentile serpent at the root chakra.

Jesus [Michael] is crucified on the place of the Skull [Kether] on the cross of Malkuth and the number for this is the 6 in the Bible, and Michael is the 6 sphere on the world tree of Kabbalah which is the world that connects the entire Jewish Egregore and feeds the energy into it. Hence the solar symbolism of Jesus is the symbolism of the sixth sphere in Kabbalah. This symbol of Jesus on the cross with the skull in many Christian artworks is a talismanic form of Kabbalah magic, its a sigil to direct energy, hence its the main symbol of the Hebrew Egregore. The symbol of the crucified Christ is directing the energy of the Jewish YHVH from Kether the astral into Malkuth the material realm and connecting this together by the image of Christ the six sphere that connects the power, its materializing the entire YHVH thought form of the Jews into the world through the sixth sphere which is destruction of Gentiles, its a death curse. This energy is based on binding Satan which is the Gentiles in Kabbalah and the Torah as Michael is the energy of attacking and binding the Gentiles and the Gentile soul and Jesus is Michael and so the energy directing into the image of Christ goes to the aspect of the YHVH that binds and destroys the Gentiles directly. The other number used in this image in the Bible is the 7 statements of Christ on the cross, the Zayin letter to charge such with more destructive energy and to complete the binding.

The reason Jesus is shown in such sad position is to generate sympathetic energies to create the needed emotional connection by sympathy to open up and connect the mass mind into this symbol into their psyche. That is why the focus on love, sympathy and such these emotionally open people up mentally and connect them into the binding spell. The focus is also on guilt which opens the mind up to accept the curse that is being directed at the Gentile victims by the talismanic sigil of Christ-Michael and thus destroy them.

When Jesus states he is the "Alpha and Omega" this has been stated by Theologians originally it was the Aleph and Tav, the entire Hebrew alphabet which is the 22 letters that form the algorithm of the Jewish thought form. In Kabbalah the Aleph is called "The Curse" and Tav "The Man." What this means is Jesus is the curse on mankind and the Hebrew Alphabet is the curse on man.

The Hindu ascension texts state what causes death in humans is not awakening the serpent in the root chakra and raising it upwards to the crown. The Kabbalah spell of Christ is to make this impossible to achieve and thus damns Gentiles to death. The Jewish Rabbi's know this.

The National Socialist government which was run by Satanic spiritual adepts who were working to bring back the Orion ascension religion that was in ancient Egypt [The Nazi, Thule Society name was from Tula which relates to Orion], knew this and ordered all images of Christ to be taken down from all public areas to lessen the curses of the enemy. They also and this was commented upon by many, flooded all their rallies with Swastikas and placed them everywhere in Germany. The Swastika is the Gentile Talisman of spiritual protection and relates to the opening of the third eye and crown chakra. This area was shown with the Uraeus serpent sitting upon it in Egypt which was the symbol of spiritual protection and advanced awareness and enlightenment. The Nazi adepts where using this symbol to protect the German People and to channel the energy of this symbol into the German People to awaken their third eye and crown chakra and higher spiritual awareness to Truth. That is why the Nazi spiritual adepts put the Swastika upon a banner that read: "Germany Awake!" to awaken the higher spiritual mind of the German People and undo the Jewish Kabbalah curses against them.

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