Why Hitler Destroyed Freemasonry

Many people hate the Illuminati and the Freemasons, Rosicrucian Order and Anthroposophists. Some people like Pike have touched on the pre-jewish-infestation meanings of these orders, but these have had well collapsed by the 1700's or so, therefore what they found is only shadows mixed in the greater jewish filth produced later on.

It's very true, Hitler did so as well, attack these orders and destroyed almost all of them. And annihilated them from Germany. One gets a better explanation about what these occult orders do when they study their manuscripts.

One example is Jah-Bul-On, which is used by the Masonic Lodges. JAH is YAH from the Psalms in the bible. Bul, they say it has to do with Baal, which simply means "King" in Semitic languages. As such both Gentiles and jews have brawled over the term. ON simply means living entity. The whole name means Yahweh is the king of the living. Which is stating the obvious. As it was found in the 18th century, this name relates to the YHWH directly.

Freemasonry is just a political frontier of Judaism. That is active in Goyim lands. That's what Freemasonry is. On the basic levels it keeps some idiots to act as cannon fodder and defense to it's higher objectives. The work of the Freemason is to deliver the country in the hands of the jews. As part of the greater (((Messianic Plan))).

By Hitler's time, all the above organizations were doing simply, rituals to honor Jehova, potentially human sacrifices, and guess what they have had in every Lodge...A Torah. From which they read curses and blessings for their Masonic order, by the eulogies of the jewish egregores, to do what they always did best, keep the countries under jewish rule. Masons actually believe in themselves as appointed leaders of the Jewish God. And openly promote it's interests in the Gentile lands. One enters Freemasonry and the Illuminati knowing full well, that they will be serving the jews, or in rare cases, learning about it a bit later.

Forces Occultes is a film that was created in 1943 and was heavily associated with "Nazi Conspiracy Rhetoric". As it was created in France. It's truly educational for the Jewish Masonic Orders and how they operate. It also shows the corruption of a good man by Freemasonry and how he found himself trapped as a politician from the Juden. The people who made this film were all assassinated, by the way.


In the manuscripts of all the orders. You clearly have the Torah, rituals to Jesus Christ as the "Superior God", rituals to attack and subvert Demons, full blown glorifying rituals and meditations related to Jehova and to other bizarre alterations of it's name (In the bible there are tens upon tens of such, one more doesn't mean anything really). The meditators practice the jewish Qlippothic Tree, they read the Torah, and they follow passages in the same way the jews read it.

In the case of the so called "ANTHROPOSOPHY", many people complain on why Hitler persecuted and shut their little jewish shop down. They were practicing the jewish Qlippothic tree and many other jewish meditations. Because they were jews. And praising the same egregores as the above categories did. All of these little mushrooms are part of the same cancerous network.

Anthroposophy which was made by the Rudolf Steiner, with whom Hitler had a severe hatred for playing the wanna be occultist in the midst of Germany... Praises the following jewish egregores: Anael, Gabriel, Michael, Oriphiel, Raphael, Samael, and Zerachiel. He simply praises the jewish egregores.

What Hitler writes in 1921 about Steiner (Founder of Ariosophy):

"It is possible that Simons can actually value it better; the man appears to have exactly valued the capacity for work of the German people. In the course of the London affair there now rises to the surface, by degree, such mysterious accompanying circumstances that it is not only appropriate but also quite necessary to inspect somewhat closer this Mr. Minister -- the intimate friend of the Gnostic, Anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner himself the adherent of the Threefold Social Order which is one of the many completely Jewish methods of destroying the peoples’ normal state of mind – to see whether his mindless face, mindless according to the opinion of Lloyd George, is really only the result of the lack of spirit or whether it is the larva behind which something else is concealed… "

What is the simple fact here...Just destroying jewish spirituality all around. Which is why Hitler also destroyed the Freemasons, the Illuminati and all the orders who praised the jewish egregores and read the Torah, while conspiring with the entities behind the "Angelic Host" to destroy Germany. Because Hitler was with the opposing side of ET's who wanted Germany to live, not to die. This is one of the reasons Hitler is also called "The Satan", as he is an enemy of the jews. The Christards of Zion literally call Hitler "The Anti-Christ". While few try to maintain the lie of a "christian Hitler", the facts speak well for their own.

Also note Hitler accuses Steiner of Gnosticism. Which is nothing more than pure jewish filth in the late centuries. One of the most hijacked jewish movements.

Naturally the lodges were infuriated when Hitler was going to power. And you truly do not want a 5th spiritual column in your own Nation. So Hitler made a decision to cleanse them out in full. However other orders, and all other, non jewish religious faiths (including ones that practiced Hinduism or Meditation) remained intact. Because there is a different between just practicing a religion, and reading the Talmud and the Torah to throw curses on your government or the people upon which you govern.

Which is why the Illuminati and the Freemasons are hated to this day. All these lodges do is simply, the last three centuries, enslave the Gentile countries for shekels and power given to them by the jews.

Take a look at this baby book here. What do you think it is? It's a bible. This is the thing they read, study from, and praise in the Masonic Lodges. Yes, the same thing the Pope has platted in gold, and the same thing the Rabbis study and curse from Humanity, 24/7.


What Hitler and the National Socialists found out in Lodges in 1933...The same things.

Occultists who were Ariosophists and others who were Aryan were given free footing. Many also were put in the SS and other important organizations to reconstruct lost knowledge.

Lastly on tolerance of religion in Germany. The NS were fine with non-jewish faiths. Like Buddhism and other such religions and they never persecuted these minorities, they actually worked to bridge and find things together with the representatives of such. Which is historically admitted. Below a historic article explaining the situation quite well.

https://studybuddhism.com/en/advanced-s ... -and-tibet

What did Hitler do to jews and Freemasons? What every Satanist (enemy in hebrew) would have done. He sent the SS to completely flatten Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and all jewish occultistic lodges fully. Destroying jewish spiritual power in his Nation. Step by step until the final peel of the jewish onion which is Christianity. Which was largely extinct after less than 10 years in Germany.

Hitler was representing the forces of the Gods and fought for the restoration of the ancient faiths same as eradicating the jewish spiritual influence. Which was the fundamental of the Thule Society as well, to represent Aryan thule. This is represented from the banner to everything the NS party did. To the abolishing of Christ and putting Nietzsche's Antichrist in the hand of every grown youth and Zarathustra as national literature.

All of the above as messianic christians admit was the work of the Devil and the Anti-Christ. That of a spiritual liberation from the jewish spiritual stranglehold.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666