Hanukkah Exposed

Hanukkah Exposed

Hanukkah's purpose in the Jewish religion is based on a fable from the Gemara from the Talmud about the light of the Menorah in the Jewish Temple. The Jews after they took the Temple from the Greeks found one jar of oil not profaned by the Goyim this jar magically burned for eight days not just one.

Rabbi's admit this is symbolic its not a literal historical event. The tale goes the Greeks where forcing the Jews to put images of Pagan Gods into their Temple and this caused the revolt. The eight days is symbolic of the name YHVH which the 26 value of adds to 8. The Menorah is mount Menorah the symbol of YHVH.

The Hanukkah was instituted to be based on Sukkot the Jewish festival. However as Rabbi's state the purpose of Hanukkah is done to attack the Gentile spiritual festival of Saturnalia which would start around this time.

The light of the Menorah is symbolic of the light of Kether which is the Ain Soph which is connected to the Shekinah the 22 Hebrew letters, the Sukkot booths have the skull in them which is the symbol of Kether in Judaism. The nine branches of the Menorah are the worlds of the Jewish world tree which is mentioned to also have nine worlds that emanate from Kether the tenth this is stolen from Hinduism. There are nine main loka's but a hidden tenth they emanate from. However within Judaism the number 9 is a number of finality and is used in judgement against Gentiles this ninth letter Tas relates to one thing the cursing of Gentiles in Kaballah. The Jews are attempting to bind the nine major gates of the soul of the Gentiles the Loka's or Chakra's that form the centers of consciousness and must be cleaned and activated properly for the serpent which is called Sat to be able to rise up to the crown and become spiritual awakened fully.

Tas the ninth letter is the reversal of Sat which the ancient name of the Gentile soul and Gentile God which is Satan in Sanskrit. The ninth letter Tas will not exist in the world to come of the Jews because its the letter of Gentiles and their world.

The fable of the lights is simple the retaking of the Temple and the driving of the Pagans out is symbolic of the world of the Jews to come the destruction of Gentiles with the light of Kether the energy of their godform YHVH will overcome and destroy the Gentile world totally. Hanukkah is related to cursing Gentiles at the time of year when the Gentiles would be engaging in spiritual practices and customs that relate to the Magnum Opus the spiritual practice of ascension into the Light Body. Its designed to bind Gentiles from this and destroy the Gentile world. The Talmud also mentions this festival of Saturnalia being of the Pagans. Whom the Jews are sworn to destroy. This festival was done at this time to be inline with the proper astral energies to perform the spiritual work of the Magnum Opus. The Jews are trying to corrupt this with their curses.

The Neoplatonist philosopher Porphyry stated the celebrations that with done on the festival of Saturnalia where about the "freeing of souls into immortality". This is done by the Magnum Opus. Saturnalia is based on Liberation and dissolution of the Magnum Opus its based on the sun entering Capricorn:

As Hauck wrote in his book on Alchemy: "Capricorn encompassed the entire work from beginning to end. Capricorn is the first sign of the year, and movement from Capricorn to Capricorn encompassed the one symbolic alchemical year in which the Great Work could be accomplished."

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