Where The Kabbalah Comes From And Planetary Control

Where The Kabbalah Comes From And Planetary Control

The ancient Hebrew schools of the Prophets is where initiates in ancient Israel went to be taught the Torah, the information they where taught by the Adepts was the information needed to decoded the Torah, this also includes the techniques of the psychic ascent to be able to open the higher psychic centers in the Jewish alien soul and be able to communicate with the group of entities they call the Elohim, which is what the Prophets of Israel are famous for in the Bible. The initiates in the School of the Prophets of ancient Israel were called in Hebrew, NiKabal, meaning the receivers, Kabbalah means To Receive in Hebrew. This also relates to the psychic level of the soul, to receive telepathic communication from the Elohim. It also means to be advanced in the soul and the abilities that come from it. This also relates to having this information telepathically given to the student by the Rabbi.

The reality is the Kabbalah has always been one thing, the occult level of the Torah. This is obvious if one studies the Kabbalah, the 72 names of "god" which form the heart of most of Kabbalah is encoded within the book of Exodus 14:19-21. The methods to use to 22 letters which form the major school of Kabbalah, the Creation by the Word, are encoded in Genesis and the Kabbalah teachings of the School of the Mystical Ascent is within Ezekiel. The Torah is wrote in Hebrew, each letter of Hebrew has its own number the numerical teachings of the Hebrew letters of gematria are part of Kabbalah. The Kabbalah means to receive the hidden teaching of the Torah, the occult knowledge of the race of Israel.

When the Bible mentions Israel its talking about the race of the Jews and their alien soul. The Kabbalah is based on the knowledge of the alien soul of Israel. Rabbi Laitman, who is a major Jewish leader, in an open lecture in Israel to an entire Jewish Yeshiva, also openly stated such that Israel is an alien soul group here to take the human world over and conqueror the planet from within for their Reptilian god.

If one studies the occult level of Judaism the leadership of the Rabbi's are all masters of Kabbalah the religious Jews spend much of their time in the Yeshiva studying the Kabbalah texts from the Rabbi's. And from here the best of them are selected and trained in the Oral Torah, which is the teachings of the Prophets of Israel. The leading Rabbi's don't hide the fact they are very psychically advanced from years of practicing Kabbalah and in communication with their "god" the Reptilian Elohim.

The 70 Rabbi's who are the Sanhedrin who are supposed to rule the world government from Israel with the building of the Jewish Word Order. The members of the Sanhedrin are selected for being adepts of Kabbalah and being telepathically advanced and in communication directly with the Elohim. This will mean the enemy Extra Terrestrials, the Reptilians who are the Elohim the "god" of the Jewish race, will have direct control of the world government through the Jews and will be able to give orders directly to the Jewish adepts who run the world government to dictate their evil commands to the enslaved population of the world.

The Sanhedrin in Israel are already writing the Kings Torah, which is the document the Jewish world government will be run on. Its instruction is to create the one world Communist feudal plantation state, in which only the Jewish King and the Jews will have human rights and own property. The world will live under a planned economy in which private property will be abolished along with rights, individual nations, religions, cultures will all be abolished by the Jewish King, the Jews will also each have individual Gentiles as personal slaves. This is stated in the Kings Torah, the Sanhedrin are creating in Israel. Everything the New World Order is doing as the plan is found in the King's Torah. Because its the Jew World Order.

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