More Stolen From The East: "God" Created Scam

The Kabala is the true Torah as the Jews state.
As the kabala states:

" With the letter Hei, he [god] created the world."

"The sound of Hei is a mere exhalation of breath, Hei; it requires little effort, no movement of lip, tongue or mouth.... As the Psalmists testifies by the word of Hashem the heavens were made and by the breath of his mouth all their hosts (Psalms 33:6)"[1]

This text also shows the letter Hei is symbolized by the Kohen blessing the Rabbi's do over the heads of the congregation. The proper way of doing such as shown in this book is also seen on Jewish art:

This is in the far east as the mundra for the crown chakra. In Sanskrit there are three main categories of letters that of Vowels, Breath Sounds and Consonants. The H is listed as a breath letter as its just that. This is where the Jews stole this from.

In the far east in India and Tibet the H letter is placed in the CROWN CHAKRA. Hei is also spelled in Hebrew as HA which the letter HA is placed in the crown in the far east.

Shiva's sacred abode in Hinduism is placed within the crown which connects to the pineal gland the two are related to as having a connection to the Soma or Moon.

Is Hei/Ha, really the letter of Yahweh? No they stole this as well.

The letter H is ruled by the God Shiva as the universal Godhead in the east:

"The letter H represents Shiva in his aspect as the ultimate principal Beyond the creation beyond all that which can be defined, I am H, the supreme witness and the sum of all mercy. ... Nandikeshvara Kashika 27." [2]

The letter H in kabala represents the five elements as it does in Hinduism. H is the letter that represents ether the element of spirit which is sound and ether which all the elements are formed of and energetic arrangements of. The entire alphabet is shown in the crown chakra in Hinduism and in Kabala where it was stolen from the east to symbolize this fact.

The world is symbolic of the body in Hinduism which is created of the five elements. Same in Kabala. This is not some god on a cloud somewhere creating the physical planet. The "god" of the Jews didn't create anything not this world, nothing. Its all stolen and corrupted spiritual knowledge from the Pagan Gentiles.

[1]The Wisdom In The Hebrew Alphabet, Rabbi Michael L.Munk
[2] While The Gods Play, Alain Danielou

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