Decoding The 666 In Kabala

The Torah is the encoded Kabala as the Rabbi's state and show. The Torah symbolically forms their world tree and in the exact middle of the Torah the letter Vav is placed at the navel of the body of "god". In the Torah the number of the Temple of the Sun [Solomon]] is 666.

The Sefirot of Tifereth is the sun and is given the number 6 and its placed at the solar chakra in the middle of the tree where everything connects. In Kabala Tifereth is stated out of the short face which is the seven Elohim or "gods" that are the seven chakra's that Tifereth is the most important and the leader or king of them all. In Kabala the entire soul unites at Tifereth. This is due to the fact still noted in Hinduism all the male and female nadis unite at the navel. And the navel governs everything like a King governs a Kingdom.

The 666 is the number of the sun square and each square is given a sum number. 666 is the sum of all the numbers in the sun square. The seven planet squares relate to the seven Elohim or "gods" of the lower face in Kabala. Hence this is the square of Tifereth and thus the six letter Vav is placed here.

The Vav in Kabala unites things. By placing the Vav here they are uniting the soul by activating this point the soul comes together in. That is why Tifereth is also called Daath in Kabala. Daath means sexual union its the alchemical sexual union of the soul. Daath also relates to spirit and the solar chakra is responsible for converting spiritual energy into vital force for the being. The Vav is the letter of the serpent in Kabala and relates to the belly of the serpent. The belly is the navel point and the serpent is the symbol of the sun here. Tifereth is the energy center that rules all the other ones as all the chakra's connect to the solar. Note One in Kabala means 13 some diagrams show the map of the 13 chakra's all connecting at Tifereth as well.

In Free Masonry Hiram Abiff is the corner stone. Hiram is also spelled Haram which means "The Ram" the Ra or Ram is the ancient name of the sun God the solar chakra and is also a mantra for the solar chakra. Abiff relates to serpent father. The Temple of the Sun in Masonry is the 666 as well. Its all relating to the solar chakra. The corner stone is an ancient title for this chakra its also called the Omphalos. The Beast 666 is a title of the Omphalos to the ancients. The Omphalos had the Phoenix which is what this word beast relates to in the ancient Greek.

Note the V letter was the original sixth letter in the Greek alphabet the Digamma this was removed by the Church later and replaced with other letters and hidden away. The ancient Greeks placed a pentagram inside the serpent circle with 666 under it to show the Magnum Opus. The Pentagram in this fashion relates to the solar chakra which is the "sun or son" of the serpent goddess Venus. Being born into the world. This is the reborn soul and how it relates to the transformed solar chakra and life force. In the east transforming the solar chakra is the major key to the Magnum Opus this is openly talked on a lot in Taoism and mentioned in Hinduism in the Tantra's.

The Digamma in some ancient symbols are shown as four Digamma's coming together forming the Swastika the symbol of the solar chakra. The Digamma swastika shows the V letter connects the "four directions" which in Kabala all unite at the navel chakra. The upper chakra's the lower chakra's and the left and right sides of the body and their nadis.

The fact is the Jews simply stole the ancient teachings of the Gentile Pagan religion and then corrupted them and hid them away in the encoded Torah. The Torah on the encoded level is a false history which forms a geopolitical doctrine and blueprint for the creation of a Jewish world government. The encoded Kabala is simply the occult level of how the Jews are using stolen spiritual knowledge against Gentiles to achieve this. Much of the actual Kabala is taken from the Pagan Greeks who shared a common culture with the Egyptians, Babylonian's and ancient Hindu's. 666 is the sacred number to the ancient Pagan Greeks, Egyptians, Hindu's, Babylonians and Pagan Peoples in general. Which is why like with 13 the Jews want to scare Gentiles away from 666 its an important number they want all to themselves.

Note 666 is also Satan and the Jews do know this. However its because Satan is the symbol of the Gentile soul. And the 666 is the heart of the soul as even Kabala admits. In Hebrew "Ra" the solar point means "evil". Because spiritual empowered Gentiles is evil to the Jews. That's the whole core of their Bible they push on us Goyim. Anything to do with spiritual knowledge and spiritual empowerment is evil Goyim. Just send your energy into a Jewish thought form of Rabbi Yeshua and bow to the Jewish political ideology of their Zionist World Government. Which is how the Jewish Bible ends. With the 12 tribes of Israel [the 144,000] ruling the world under the King of the Jews. The same evil book which tells us Goyim the symbol of Gentile spiritual enlightenment the serpent of Satan is evil as well. The Bible is full of the Jewish "god" attacking Gentile humanity for spiritually empowering themselves. Which is a literality device to act as the warning to the Rabbi's. That is why under the Noahide Laws the Jews want to impose on the Gentiles. The first law is Goyim are not allowed to practice spiritual empowerment The punishment for which is death. Just like the Jewish Bible orders.


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