Jews Openly State They Have Cursed Gentiles Spiritually

The Kabala which is the occult level of the Torah in which all the real information of the Jewish agenda is contained. It puts a major focus on the book of Genesis as the core of its occult information that is encoded within it.

The Kabala states that the Jews have literally bound us spiritually from obtaining eternal life, the light body, by the sphere of Binah. In Kabala Binah is the left hemisphere of the brain. The reason for this is simple. Eve is created from a rib this actually is the Luz bone which is the tail bone in Kabala. Eve represents the energy of the feminine part of the soul the right hemisphere of the brain. She hands Adam the male the left hemisphere the fruit of KNOWLEDGE. This term relates to the Gnosis which is called Chokhmah in Kabala meaning "wisdom" from the opening of the right hemisphere of the brain which is called Chokhmah in Kabala from the activation and raising of the serpent which unites the left and right hemisphere's together and switches on the mind to full use. This allows one to know good from evil, lies from truth and to obtain a super conscious state.

The Garden in Kabala is the Gan Eden it relates to the brain in this context the two hemispheres of Adam and Eve. This is shown in Kabala as the triangle of the upper world. Binah Adam, Kether "God in the sense of the Ain Soph the cosmic conscious state which they call a force", Chokhmah Eve. The Kabala states the serpent in the Garden is Satan which is the symbol of the Gentile soul. Hence this is a binding against the Gentiles.

The Jews in their Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion, which the original document has been verified as true by numerous Russian scholars and academic's who studied them. State they are going to trap us into a left brained paradigm so they can control our perception of reality and remove us from knowledge of the right brain, Chokhmah or Eve and remove us from Kether or "the AIn Soph" which is the super conscious state from activation of the right brain and pineal gland and crown chakra which relates to Kether in this context. This is what in Kabala relates to here in Genesis its the rabbinical curses to attempt to bind the Kundalini energy in the root chakra. The Jewish "God" punishes the serpent for awakening the right hemisphere of the brain, Eve. By making it crawl on the ground which is root chakra the earth chakra. Attempting to bind the Kundalini in the root chakra. Then the enemy angels are placed with two flaming swords to prevent them from ever entering this state again. This is the energy of the binding spell against us. In the story of Edin Yahweh states if they the Goyim obtain this ascended state then the Goyim will become Gods and the Jewish agenda is finished. This is the warning to the Rabbi's.

This proves the Jews know what we Gentiles can become and are trying to stop it. And that removal of spiritual knowledge from Gentiles is their key to victory against us.

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