The Ark Of The Covenant The Jewish Curses On Gentiles

The concept of the Ark was stolen from the Egyptians. In the Egyptian the Ark of Amun is shown to be the spine with the seven chakra's. Being carried by a row of seven men. With the area of the heart chakra having the twin figure of Isis with the spread wings facing each other. Showing the heart chakra where the upper and lower chakra's meet at the chest. [1] The Ark of Amun is in the shape of a boat.

In Judaism the Ark is just a symbol of the Torah that was stolen and corrupted from Egyptian symbolism for a reason. In Judaism they have the Torah Ark in which they place the Torah after they read from it in the Synagogue. This is what the Ark of the Covenant actually is. This Torah Ark is called the "Holy Ark":

"Holy Ark. This name is a reference to the ’ārōn haqqōdeš, the Hebrew name for the Ark of the Covenant which was stored in the Holy of Holies in the inner sanctuary of both the ancient Tabernacle and the Temple in Jerusalem. Similarly, Hekhál, also written hechal, echal or heichal — and sometimes also Echal Kodesh (mainly among Balkan Sephardim) comes from Hebrew [hēkhāl] ‘palace’, was used in the same time period to refer to the inner sanctuary. The hekhal contained the Menorah, Altar of Incense, and Table of the Showbread."[2]

The purpose of the Torah is to use the 22 Hebrew letters to generate a highly charged energy field of negativity to bind the Gentile Soul and bring about the destruction of the Gentile world. In the Torah the Jews use this Ark as a weapon to destroy the Gentile nations they war on. Its an open weapon. This is why the Greek and Roman rulers banned the Torah and banned it from being read. The Jews call their 22 Hebrew letters the 22 names of their "god".

The reason the Jews stole the image of the Ark of Amun to create a corrupted and shortened image to create their own Ark from. Is because this is about attacking and binding the Gentile soul. Every curse on the Gentile is done by the 22 Hebrew letters. Even the corruption of the symbol of the Egyptian Ark to create this Jewish trash is a form of cursing Gentiles using Kabbalistic Talismanic magic. Which is the purpose of corrupting the image. The Jewish Ark is purposely made to be in the shape of the cube which ties into their energy.

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