Where "Angel" Was Stolen From

The modern word Angel is from the Greek "Angelos" and the Latin "Angelicus" which are from the Sanskrit "Angiras" which the Vedic seven Angirasa seers symbolize the lights of the seven chakra's and are born from the fire of Agni.

"Archangel is Sanskrit Arhat Angiras, noble Angiras. The Buddhists also called their ancient sages the Arhats, a Vedic word meaning noble, often applied to Agni."[1]

In Sumerian this also becomes An which is also an ancient title of Shiva. And what the seven Arch Angels of the Yezidi's relate to the seven chakra's. Angel is An el which means the shining serpent as the An Gods are also the Anunnaki. El is an ancient title of divinity the Jews stole latter on. The head god of the Pagan Canaanites was EL. Note Enki is also called An..Ki.

The enemy has corrupted this term and used it for their Kabbalistic thought forms they have created. Such as the angel Metatron which is another name for their thought form of the Torah.

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Fallen Angels Are Corrupted From Sumerian Sages Of Enki

The ancient seven sages of Sumeria who were under the direction of Enki, the Apkallus who taught mankind the knowledge of spirituality and civilization. Were the actual "Fallen Angels" who came down to earth from heaven in later Jewish rewritings:

"Apkallus were said to have taught antediluvian sciences to humanity and so, too, were the Watchers. As one scholar concludes, however: "The Jewish authors often inverted the Mesopotamian intellectual traditions with the intention of showing the superiority of their own cultural foundations. [thus]... the antediluvian sages, the Mesopotamian Apkallus, were demonised as the "sons of God" and appear as the Watchers...illegitimate teachers of humankind before the flood."[1]

Enki was also called:
"The serpent Lord was Enki, but in parts of Chaldea he had been called Shaitan..."[2]

So that is where the concept of Satan and the fallen angels is corrupted from. Enki and the Apkallus. In Sumerian writings they are also called: "The fifty who went with Enki from heaven to earth." And "The fifty Annunaki of Eridu." Which is Enki's city in ancient Sumeria. Note the 50 is symbolic of the fifty petals of the chakra's of which the ancient Sanskrit alphabet relates to. This is also the serpent energy and the chakra's. From Heaven to earth from the crown chakra to the root chakra. The city is the Purusha or the cosmic man as well its symbol of the entire being the energy bodies and the physical body.

The early tales of Genesis are stolen and corrupted from the Sumerian's. Enki created Adamu with the red clay of the Apsu and breathes the breath of life into him. Later the Jews stated Yahweh creates Adam with the red dust of the earth and breathes the breath of life into him. They then place Enki in the role as the Devil instead. So they can butt in with their own evil agenda. The original sin they inserted in the Garden of Edin a Sumerian term for the abode of the Gods. Is that of Daath in Hebrew which means the sexual union of the male and female chakra's [Adamu and Eva] which is done by the serpent energy which Enki symbolizes. The Magnum Opus.

The Tree in the Sumerian Garden of Edin is the Mish or Gish Gana tree of life the symbol of Enki. Of which the waters of the Apsu flowed thought the serpent life force.

The Seven sages of Enki are the seven chakra's as well and the Apsu of Enki is the body and soul the energy bodies the nadis the energy pathways that flow with the cosmic waters of the life force. The seven sages wear the symbolic fish imagery to show this. The fish is another way of showing the energy of the life force. Enki taught Mankind the Magnum Opus so they could ascend and become perfected and immortal like the Gods. This is what the enemy considers the original sin. They want spiritually helpless slave Goyim to serve them as God.

The Yezidhi's were part of the ancient Sumerian civilization and they still worship Enki as his ancient name of Satan. They also state they came from ancient India there are words in their language which only appear elsewhere in the Sanskrit Veda's the original Vedic Sanskrit. And they have stated their God is known as Murrugan in India who also has the serpent and peacock we can also note:

"Enki is the Middle Eastern counterpart of Murrugan, whose symbol of the Makara, a creature that is half fish and half antelope, is an eastern version of Enki's goat-fish, the Kerabu. The Makara and Kerabu are both symbols of the first sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn, so Enki-Murrugan, the primal life force that began the universe, eternally begins the astrological year."[3]

Murrugan is the ancient title of Shiva and the Hindu's state Shiva created Adimu and Eva in the Garden of Paradise in ancient Sri Lanka before the flood. When it was still a larger continent. They state Shiva and the Gods had a physical presence on the earth at this time in Kumara Kandam this place in the first Sagha and taught mankind the knowledge of the serpent power yoga and how to ascend. The ancient Ayrans stated they came from this place originally but moved outwards after most or the original land sunk. They migrated to North India, and outwards. The Yezidhi's are called the blonde blood line.

The ancient American records have the same account as the Sumerian's of identical looking sages lead by the White God Viracocha arriving and teaching them civilization. The image of Virachocha is a White Man with a beard dressed in the same way you would see in Sumeria. These are also called the Votan's in other places of ancient America. Votan is the ancient name of Shiva in the east. In Sri Lanka, Buddha is called Wotan and this is originally a title of Shiva.[4]

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